A TRILLION Dollars And Counting.

The cost of appeasing Quebec and promoting Official Bilingualism MUST be measured beyond ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

If you have had enough of Official Bilingualism and Sucking up to Quebec, here is the launch of a campaign to SAVE CANADA.

If you live near enough to the West Side of Ottawa, please pay attention to how you can help make a difference this Tuesday night (March 11, 2008) at 7:30, at the Ottawa Citizen Building, parallel to the 417 just off Greenbank Road.

There are many people who are finally beginning to wake up to the financial, human and social costs of Trudeau’s “Canada is a bilingual nation” scam.

The cost of appeasing Quebec and promoting Official Bilingualism MUST be measured beyond ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

There are many in the French speaking camp who will argue this figure isn’t close to being true. THEY’RE DEAD WRONG!

When these people figure the cost of Quebec and Official Bilingualism, they add up hard quantifiable costs, which, in themselves are in the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars. But they don’t add up the incalculable human costs.

They never factor in the jobs denied in English Canada to English speakers. This is real money and opportunities lost to people who are turned down for great jobs because they only speak English, as if that’s something to be ashamed of.

They forget about the half million English speakers who were compelled to move from Quebec to the rest of Canada and the USA, caused by draconian anti-English language laws.

They don’t include the cost of closing down English schools in Quebec, due only to Quebec’s strangulation of the English language school system.

Not covered in their accounting are the financial donations spent by people who decided to fight ethnocentric nationalism within Quebec; people such as myself.

They can’t possibly guess how much productivity and lost business agreements were caused by the focus people have been forced to place in fighting French language predomination.

How can any government measure the costs incurred by communities such as Casselman and Russell, as they debate FORCED COMMERCIAL SIGN BILINGUALISM?

How much did it cost Quebec to change every English street sign in the province to French ONLY?

Or the cost to Quebec to rename lakes and mountains to French ONLY names? Or to businesses on Dorchester Street which had to reprint all their contact information because the street was renamed Rene Levesque?

What’s the cost to the town of Alexandria Ontario, where French parents, teachers and the local French school board won’t share busses with English speaking children, because they don’t want their French children tainted by English kids?

When the so-called experts debate the cost of appeasing Quebec and Official Bilingualism, these are costs they will never figure into the total. But, make no mistake about it: THESE COSTS ARE HUGE!

When we look at the national debt hovering at around a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS, understand that much of that cost can be traced back to the cost of paying political coercion to Quebec. Like a shake-down.

Think about the incredible number of opportunities Canada has lost because of our political obsession with Quebec and Official Bilingualism, and wonder what Canada could have been like if these two issues never existed?

I will be speaking in Ottawa at the Language Fairness meeting at 7:30 pm Tuesday night. Admission is free.

I won’t be speaking about what was, nearly as much as I will be speaking about what can be. I will work to set up committees to handle everything from fundraising, to telephone campaigners, to home campaigners, to people willing to hand out leaflets.

Because Stephen Harper didn’t call an early election, we have time to really organize and mobilize. We have some breathing room to put together a campaign that can, if handled correctly, shake the political structure to its foundation.

If I can win a federal election as an Independent Candidate, on a platform to WIN BACK CANADA, by getting rid of Quebec and ending Official Bilingualism, where Canada is anything but a bilingual country, politicians across Canada will take notice.


This meeting can be the beginning of the drive to end Official Bilingualism, establish a new and separate relationship with the Nation of Quebec, and move Canada forward to where it should have been several generations ago.


It’s also about getting government out of our face and private lives. It’s about lowering taxes and changing government by getting rid of the Senate and the Governor General’s Office.

It’s about animal rights, and Conservative compassion for the poor and the honestly disenfranchised. It’s about doing all that we can to make our healthcare system the best it can be. It’s about free prescription drugs for all Canadians.

It’s about real environmental obligations opposed to the Kyoto scam. It’s about creating affordable high-speed trains that will run at super speeds between our cities powered by nonpolluting electricity.

It’s about government staying out of private enterprise.

And it’s about choosing immigrants who want to be Canadians, instead of immigrants wanting Canadians to be like them.

But none of this can happen as long as we focus on Quebec and Official Bilingualism by spending BILLIONS of dollars on this nonsense.

I hope to see as many people as possible Tuesday night (March 11, 2008) at the Language Fairness meeting.

Remember: Together – WE CAN WIN BACK CANADA!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I love your editorials and you are WONDERFUL, but I couldn’t help but correct a word error:
    “These LEFTISTS think we’re extremists, and that we are ONLY exasperating the problem” – the word is EXACERBATING, not exasperating, although I think we’re all so exasperated at this point in time that we know EXACTLY what you meant ;~))

    Best and warmest wishes from Boston!!

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