Calling Me A Racist Does Not Change The Truth

Given my druthers, I’d rather be called a RACIST by the likes of them, than be called a Quisling by the likes of me.

I had a wonderful conversation with Doug Aldridge on Friday March 7, 2008).

For those of you who don’t know who Doug Aldridge is, he publishes a fabulous Blog that deals with Conservative issues and the mess we call Quebec and Official Bilingualism.

His website includes written articles as well as great audio interviews.

You can visit it at: It more than merits a visit.

During our conversation, we came to the conclusion that the other side, the side that wants an unfair advantage for French speakers and Quebec use a specific word to strike fear in the hearts and minds of their opponents.


If you’re English speaking and demand to be treated as an unequivocal equal person in the province of Quebec: YOU’RE A RACIST!

If you demand equal hiring opportunities in the federal civil service and military, even though you’re English speaking: YOU’RE A RACIST!

If you suggest that Canada’s Prime Minister doesn’t have to speak French to be Prime Minister: YOU’RE A RACIST!

If you say that Quebec’s draconian anti-English language laws are linguistically and culturally racist: YOU’RE A RACIST!

If you say anything in defense of English majority rights anywhere in Canada: YOU’RE A RACIST!

If you point out the truth that Canada’s entire French speaking population excluding Quebec numbers LESS than 3% of the total: YOU’RE A RACIST!

If you point out that Ontario’s entire French speaking population is ONLY 4% of the total: YOU’RE A RACIST!

If you come to the conclusion that Canada is NOT a bilingual country, based upon these statistics compiled by Stats Canada in their latest 2006 demographic survey: YOU’RE A RACIST!

It seems that being labeled a RACIST is the worst thing you can possibly be called. I think being called a pedophile might be less injurious to one’s reputation than being called a RACIST.

Because of the horrific connotation associated with being called and labeled a RACIST, it is the weapon of choice by anyone and everyone who is fighting for French rights that are above and beyond the rights of everyone else.

They can call me a RACIST all they want. But that changes nothing.

Calling me a RACIST only says they have no argument or defense for their abysmal behavior and reprehensible standards that would make any political and cultural bully proud.

Here’s a newsflash for the people who use the RACIST card as their argument. Anyone who stands for equality and the undeniable rights of the majority not to be bullied and coerced by the minority is not a RACIST.

In actual fact, it is the very opposite.

It is the people who call advocates of equality and majority fairness who are the RACISTS.

And worse.

Those who are not French, but do whatever they can to hammer away at the rights of English speakers for whatever unfathomable reason are Quislings.

Given my druthers, I’d rather be called a RACIST by the likes of them, than be called a Quisling by the likes of me. Nothing is worse than a sellout.

I know who and what I am. I am NOT a RACIST. The people I chose to associate with are not RACISTS.

But, those who will deny others the right of choice, equality and visibility are indeed RACISTS and Quislings.

All the names they call me, coupled with as much mud as they can sling in my direction will not change the truth.

Here’s an interesting comparison:

When the wild-eyed absolutely committed Leftist Barack Obama supporters are asked to name just one of his accomplishments, they stutter, hem and haw. But they never come up with an answer.

When people who call me a racist, are asked to give just one example based upon what I have ever said or written, they stutter, hem and haw. And they can never come up with an answer. Interesting huh?

If you’re not frightened to be called a RACIST by those who support French supremacy at the expense of the English majority, you’ll join our battle and do what you can to help WIN BACK CANADA.

No matter what they call me, I intend to do whatever it takes to get to Parliament as an Independent Member, so we can all have a voice and end this pretense that Canada is a bilingual country, and that Quebec is a province worth sacrificing to keep.

If I win – We all win.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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