Let The Last Anglo Close The Lights

Quebec reminds me of Nazi Germany, where a physically ill Nazi is upset that his Jewish doctor is no longer around to care for him.

Henry Aubin’s column in today’s (March 6, 2008) Montreal Gazette concerning the enormous cost on Quebec of the Anglo Exodus from Quebec, reinforces what I and many others have been saying for years.

To sum up Aubin’s column: The English speakers who are leaving Quebec are amongst the brightest, the most talented, the hardest working and the most bilingual.

To read the usual mantra from the Montreal Gazette – everything’s fine. It’s people like you and me who fight for equality who are the problem.

You have to wonder what goes through their sick minds, that make them not lash out at the people who have near totally destroyed Quebec’s once fabulous English tradition and community.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Anglo elitist media are mentally disturbed self-hating Anglos. There can be no other reason for aiding and abetting an enemy that wants to wipe out their English news clientele.

Or, could it be that they’re so Liberal, that fighting for the other side, is in their perverted minds, the right thing to do?

Or, maybe they’re such cowards, that they fear some form of backlash if they stand for what is right and just against the determination of a racist French Quebecois majority to wipe us out culturally?

Or, are they just so stupid that they don’t know any better?

The fact that the cream of Quebec’s English speakers are leaving Quebec as soon as they can is no secret. It never was a secret. It was just something the likes of the Montreal Gazette preferred not to make public.

There are whole areas, where once there were vital and thriving English speaking communities in Quebec, that are no more.

There was Gaspe, Sherbrooke, the Eastern Townships, the North Shore, and even Quebec City, where at one time, there were enough English speakers to support an English language radio station.

But all of that is just sad history.

During my Affiliation Quebec speech, I said:

Quebec reminds me of Nazi Germany, where a physically ill Nazi is upset that his Jewish doctor is no longer around to care for him.

It will not be long before there will only be a skeleton of English speakers who will be left in Quebec to provide a shadow of the services all Quebecers have over generations come to rely upon.

Quebec isn’t the first “nation” to commit ethnocentric suicide.

The French did it during the Inquisitions when they drove out the Protestants and Jews. Their economy collapsed, and has still not recovered after hundreds of years.

The Ugandans drove out the East Indians, changing Uganda from being a prosperous African nation, to literally being a nation in name only.

The Zimbabweans (formerly known as Rhodesia) drove out all the white farmers, business people and professionals. Zimbabwe is a disaster.

The same thing is being played-out in South Africa. The same thing will happen there.

Good on all of these ethnocentric racist regimes that have driven away the successful people who were in their minority, who greased the wheels of their societies.

There is no question in my mind. NONE whatsoever, that Quebec will sooner rather than later go bankrupt. If it weren’t for Canada’s English speaking communities, through our tax dollars, which we pay to Ottawa, which Ottawa lavishes upon Quebec, Quebec would already be bankrupt.

We are now entering a time of great financial challenges, where there won’t be enough money to keep Quebec afloat and not piss-off the other provinces who will have to make do with much less.

When it finally hits the fan, and the exodus of Anglos really accelerates, watch the number of Anglo elitists, especially amongst the media who will be running out of Quebec as fast as they possibly can.

I want to help.

I want to help people understand that Canada does not need Quebec. That ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism in Canada is bad. That French speakers that number less than 3% of Canada’s total population excluding Quebec, should not have an unfair employment advantage over English speakers.

I want all of Canada to know and accept without guilt, that CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY. It never was. And it never will be.

I want people from all of Canada to support my efforts to win an Independent Seat in Parliament, so we will all have a voice that to this date does not exist.

We have a choice. We can continue playing this ridiculous multi billion-dollar game pretending that Quebec really is a part of Canada, and that Canada really is a bilingual country, which it is not.

Or we can do what we should have done a long time ago.

If you really want to WIN BACK CANADA, you will help me get to Parliament Hill as your Canada-wide Independent Member of Parliament.

If you open the door to Parliament just a crack, I’ll turn Parliament on its head and do what has to be done to WIN BACK CANADA. But I can’t do it alone.

Either we all do it together, or it doesn’t get done.

We sold out Jimmy K’s FABULOUS documentary ANGRYPHONE, but within a coupe of days, I will have more copies.

If you want your DVD, just click on the ANGRYPHONE link to the side of this editorial where you can buy it online through PayPal, or send a check for $25 (everything in) to Galganov Dot Com Inc.

All proceeds of the sale of ANGRYPHONE DVD’s goes to the battle for Canada. And if you see just one documentary on how we came to where we are today, this is the one to see.

I can’t write this too often: Together – LET’S WIN BACK CANADA!

Bets Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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