But They Call Me A Racist.

In the Province of Quebec, the unrestricted use of the English language is against the law. And that's just the beginning.

Isn’t it interesting how I am branded a racist, hardliner, Angryphone and extremist, all because I want Equal Rights for everyone?

Isn’t it equally interesting that I am called anti-French because I support Majority Rights within all of Canada, where French speakers number less than 3% of the entire population (excluding Quebec)?

In the Province of Quebec, the unrestricted use of the English language is against the law.

Quebec’s language laws declare that French is the ONLY official language of Quebec (Bill 22), and that the Quebec Provincial Assembly is the National Assembly of Quebec (1974).

Quebec’s language laws forbid all children from attending English public schools, if neither of their parents were educated in grade school in the English language within Canada.

Therefore, if an English speaking family were to move to Quebec from any English speaking country such as: the USA, Britain, Australia or New Zealand, their children would not be permitted by Quebec law to attend a public English language school.

I can write a book with a thousand or more pages concerning the thousands of discriminatory policies that have affected about a million English speakers within the province of Quebec, half of whom have left since Bill 22.

In the rest of Canada, French is being promoted as an Official Language with a prominence in the federal and Ontario civil services, and Canada’s military for officer advancement.


Why is French given an unfair priority over English, when less than 3% of Canada’s total population excluding Quebec is French speaking?

In Cornwall Ontario, there is a French ONLY clinic that refuses to treat English speakers.

Imagine turning away a sick person because he or she isn’t French? Not that he or she can’t speak French, but ONLY because he or she isn’t French. How utterly racist is that?

French parents, teachers and the school board in Alexandria Ontario will not allow their French children to sit on the same school busses as English children. Isn’t this discrimination and SEGREGATION?

Men like martin Luther King in the USA fought and died to end segregation. Isn’t that what South African Apartheid was all about? Segregating people based upon their color?

In minority French Ontario’s case, it’s all about segregating their children from English children based upon the French culture of their language. Is this not sick?

There are sign laws in communities just east of Ottawa such as Casselman Ontario, that forbid the use of English ONLY on commercial and retail signs. Isn’t this counter to Canada’s freedom of expression?

If 10 people show-up for a federal or Ontario senior civil service job, where 9 of them are eminently qualified, but can’t speak, read or write adequately in the French language, but one of the applicants who is less qualified than any of the English speakers, is French speaking who can communicate somewhat in English, that French speaking person is guaranteed the job.

This is Canada’s version of affirmative action for French speakers.

Is that not job-discrimination based upon language, considering 97% of Canada’s total population (excluding Quebec) is NOT French speaking?

I know of no laws anywhere in Canada that suppresses the visibility and equality of French speaking people. There is no Bill 101 type law anywhere in English Canada that forbids the unrestricted use of the French language.

I cannot remember even one instance where a French group was attacked, harassed or threatened because they wanted to have a meeting or rally to discuss the rights of their community?

Unfortunately, its hard to keep count without a scorecard, the number of times French groups assailed, harassed and physically attacked English groups who met to discuss how to deal with Quebec’s racist language laws.

Last Sunday, March 2, 2008, a group of about 24 young French thugs, some of them masked, most of them armed with sticks, showed up at a meeting of Affiliation Quebec for the exclusive purpose of disrupting Affiliation’s meeting by means of intimidation and violence.

Affiliation is a recognized official Quebec political Party, which came under attack. Now think about this very carefully:

If the Quebec Liberal Party, Bloc Quebecois, Parti Quebecois or Action Democratique came under attack at one of their Party meetings by a group of armed and masked English thugs, what would have been the response of the media and the police?

First: The police would have been at the venue in significant numbers, if there was just a hint there could have been a confrontation.

Second: The police would have never allowed English thugs to breach the meeting area of a registered political Party that was French.

Third: The police would have arrested any English thug(s) who created a fuss, much less threw punches.

But, because this was an English meeting attacked by French thugs, there were no police until violence erupted, even though they were well informed of the potential for violence in advance of the meeting. And there were no arrests, even though the French thugs committed assault.

As for the English media, more succinctly, the Montreal Gazette; the reason for the Affiliation Quebec meeting, and what was said at the meeting was hardly reported.

What the Montreal Gazette focused upon, was their attempt to defame me as being a MILITANT, while they called the violent French thugs French Rights Activists.

We have to put an end to all of this. We have to close the door to this insult to the integrity of our country. And the only way we can do it, is to say goodbye to Quebec.


To see how you can become involved and make a difference wherever you live in Canada, please read what I stand for by clicking on the red link under my signature.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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