More Unfortunate Anglo Media Bias

After all these years, nothing has changed. The French still want the English language to be invisible. And the English media is still appeasing the French majority.

As you all know, I was at the Affiliation Quebec meeting yesterday (March 2, 2008) at Ruby Foos Hotel, where I spoke alongside Brent Tyler and Affiliation Quebec leader Allen Nutik.

For me, it was a sad day, not because of the turnout, which was more than expected, but because the turnout was more than expected.

If this sounds confusing, it is. But so is Quebec and the unbelievable stupidity and cowardice of so many within Quebec’s English-speaking media, with the exception of The Suburban Newspaper.

I’ll explain why being at this meeting made me sad a little further on in this editorial.

During my speech, I made references to Quebec’s English media who I accused of aiding and abetting the ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists who have done-in Quebec’s once proud, affluent and dynamic English speaking community.

I had accused them of diminishing people such as myself, by calling us Angryphones, hardliners and extremists. I have always asked them to explain how I am an extremist or a hardliner for wanting to be an equal and visible Canadian citizen everywhere in this country, including Quebec?

After more than a decade, I’m still waiting for an answer.

If you need proof that the Montreal Gazette is dishonest and is no friend to Montreal’s English speaking community, read this article, which also appeared in the National Post (March 3, 2008).

The Gazette – Sunday, March 02, 2008.

A handful of protesters briefly scuffled with security guards outside Ruby Foo’s restaurant Sunday during a demonstration against militant Anglo-rights activist Howard Galganov.

Members of French-rights group Les Jeunes Patriotes du Québec were protesting outside a meeting of English-rights group Affiliation Quebec.

Three demonstrators were thrown out of the building when they tried to trash the meeting. Police were called in to keep order.

“We are not against free speech, but we are against racism,” said JPQ leader Francois Gendron.

“His presence in Quebec is unacceptable in this day and age. Even English-speaking Quebecers believe Galganov is racist.”

Galganov once claimed there is a conspiracy between English media, government, and retailers in Quebec to suppress the English language in the province.

He moved away from Montreal 10 years ago.

© The Gazette (Montreal) 2008

Isn’t it a wonder that the Montreal Gazette calls the French thugs who came with flags, sticks and pots and pans a ‘FRENCH-RIGHTS GROUP” while they called me “A MILITANT ANGLO ACTIVIST”.

These French thugs came to disrupt a peaceful meeting that was none of their business. They broke into the area where we were meeting, and started throwing punches. But, according to the Montreal Gazette they were a French-Rights Group. Hugh?

What rights were they defending? Were they defending their right to make English speaking Quebecers even more invisible?

When the mainstream media, including the Montreal Gazette, report on Palestinians who murder innocent Jews, they call the Palestinians “militants”.

Is that how the Montreal Gazette wants me portrayed?

I have NEVER suggested, hinted, or whispered any affirmation for violence or discrimination of any kind towards any culture or language group – NOT EVER!

As a matter of record, everyone who ever participated in any of the rallies I organized knew that any hint of violence or provocation would mean immediate expulsion from any and all of my activities.

How does that make me a militant in the eyes of the Montreal Gazette?

The news report continues by saying: I “claimed” there was a conspiracy between Montreal media, retailers and the (Quebec) government to suppress the English language in the province.

Here is a newsflash for them:

Not only did I come forward at a press conference which I convened in April of 1996, with the knowledge that there was a “deal” made between major Quebec (Montreal) retailers and the Quebec government through the offices of Claude Ryan, not to post English signs in their stores once the Liberal Party of Quebec passed Bill 86 (1993) allowing for restricted English on signs, I identified the prominent person who admitted to participating in this deal.

It was the decision of the Montreal Media, specifically the English language media, not to run this story. WHY?

Why would a language conspiracy of this magnitude not be covered by the English media, especially when I told them that it was Jonathan Eaton of the legendary Eaton’s family who told me this himself?

In my mind’s eye, this makes the English media part of the conspiracy.

Many months later, the Montreal Gazette confirmed my claim, and did a story about it that vanished from the English media as fast as it appeared.

But, to read today’s account in the Montreal Gazette story, you would think that I’m a conspiracy kook not to be taken seriously.

The Gazette also said that I came to this meeting to raise money for my political campaign to run as an Independent candidate in the next federal election. Not true. I actually donated $250 to Affiliation Quebec and turned down offers of financial support at that meeting.

FINALLY: The Gazette couldn’t even report when I left Quebec for Ontario with any accuracy. I left in the year 2000, 8 years ago, contrary to the 10 years the Montreal Gazette stated.


Here’s why I was sad to be at the meeting in Montreal.

After all these years, nothing has changed. The French still want the English language to be invisible. The English media is still appeasing the French majority. And the few English-speaking people who still care enough to make their voices heard, are labeled as extremists and hardliners.

When I came to enter the Hotel yesterday at around 2:00 o’clock, there was a gathering of up to 24 “young patriots” standing to the side of the entrance, repeatedly chanting “Galganov Racist” in French.

Several of the people I was walking with decided it was more prudent to enter the hotel through a side door rather than walk through the thugs’ gauntlet.

But I would have none of that. No one is going to intimidate me. No one is going to make me enter through back doors.

So I walked right up to them (a few feet away) wearing my CIQC AM 600-radio jacket, and chanted along with them. I waved and took a few bows. Incredibly, none of these thugs had any idea who I was, since they were still sucking on lollipops while I was making their parents crazy.

When some of them finally figured it out, I waved goodbye and walked into the Hotel to attend the meeting and deliver my speech.

So much for the “young patriots”.

I want to take a few lines here to thank Kim McConnell of the Ontario based Language Fairness Group who came to the meeting with many of her members to show solidarity with the beleaguered Montrealers.

I also want to apologize to the many people who tried to buy Jimmy K’s fabulous DVD, ANGRYPHONE that sold out. For those who want to purchase an Angryphone DVD, you can do this by purchasing it through

I want to thank the standing-room crowd for their warm reception and offers of support.

To learn more about what I stand for, and how you can get involved, please click on the red link below my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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