They’ll Hang By Their Own Petard

I have a very serious message for Quebec and French language nationalists everywhere.

I’ll be speaking in Montreal this afternoon at 2:00 (Sunday March 2, 2008), at Ruby Foos Hotel on Decarie Boulevard, on behalf of Quebec’s newly registered English Rights Party, Affiliation Quebec, founded and led by Allen Nutik.

Allen Nutik and Brent Tyler will also be speaking.

I have no idea how many people will be in attendance. But I assume there will be a reasonable number of supporters.

I also imagine from the dunning emails I’m receiving from French Supremacy groups, that there will also be enough troublemakers to make their presence known.

It’s interesting how these two groups are so different.

In all my years involved in the cultural wars for equality in Quebec, I have never once witnessed or heard of an English language group looking for trouble.

I cannot remember one circumstance where any English group went to a French gathering for any purpose, much less the purpose of obstructing it.

But, I can remember too many times to list, the French groups that took to the streets to intimidate and lay waste to English groups, who were peacefully demonstrating or meeting.

I also recall the many threats made upon English and ethnic communities, by the likes of convicted murderer Raymond Villeneuve and his thugs.

Why is it that English speakers within Quebec and the rest of Canada respect our Constitution that guarantees Freedom of Speech for everyone, including ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, while these same French cultural racists have no respect for the rights of others?

I have written many times about how I see a parallel between ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists and Palestinians. These are two groups that could not survive without the generosity of others, who behave as if the entire world owes them something.

And when they don’t get what they want, they resort to intimidation.

What is most interesting, and even disturbing, is the near total silence from the French majority which says nothing about these thugs who are acting in their name.

Even when Villeneuve and his thugs were at the height of their intimidation, the French elitists and media were silent. There were no significant condemnations from the French side. As a matter of fact, I don’t recall any condemnation whatsoever.

But – If it were an English group, or an English leader who would make threats or practice acts of violent disruption against the French, all the media, French and English together would go to war against the English agents of intimidation, as fast and as vigorously as they could.

But, just like the Palestinians and the Israelis; the Palestinians murder Jews, and launch rockets at civilian targets without the world media saying boo. But, when Israel strikes back against those responsible for murdering Jews, it’s as if the sky is falling.

I have a very serious message for Quebec and French language nationalists everywhere. The day is coming when the rest of Canada will wake up and take notice.

The day is coming when the rest of Canada will say enough of this crap. We don’t need it. And that day might be coming sooner than most people think.

I will be speaking in Montreal today, knowing full well that there will be French nationalists who will be there to do their best to interrupt, disrupt and intimidate. And I will smile.

I’ll smile because their actions will only help to expedite the day the rest of Canada finally makes the decision to say goodbye to Quebec. Making all of their intimidation worth it.

If you support my efforts to WIN BACK CANADA, get rid of Official Bilingualism so the 97% majority of Canada will be treated fairly, and get Quebec out of Confederation, please click on the red link under my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard & Anne.. My husband I moved from Marietta, GA to Bixby, OK. After 32 years I came back to God’s country were I was born. Like you an Anne we evaluated our life too. Got tired of the rat race and wanted to be closer to family especially in these days and time. You and Anne made the right decision on moving to Texas. Texas people are just like Oklahoma people. My son lives in Burlington, ON with his Canadian wife and my two grand children like you I love America & Canada. God bless you

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