Ontario – The Soon To Be Welfare State

Harper’s Conservatives are all about Quebec. McGuinty is all about who the hell knows what?

Here’s a news flash that should surprise only those who are not paying attention:


It’s hard to imagine why anyone would be surprised by this inevitability, when the federal government has forever used Ontario as its piggy bank to finance bankrupt Quebec.

While Ottawa has been showering Quebec with Ontario taxpayer dollars, it has turned a blind eye to the crumbling manufacturing base and infrastructure of Ontario.

It seems that Ottawa is far more interested in propping-up the money losing Quebec based Bombardier, than it is in promoting the once upon a time cash-cow auto and manufacturing industry of Ontario.

Stephen Harper has all but got on his knees to kiss the ass of Quebec nationalists in his quest to win votes in the “Nation-Province” he created.

Harper and his Conservatives have literally stolen Ontario money from hard working Ontarians, only to give this money to prop-up a failed Quebec social structure that doesn’t reward hard work.

But Harper couldn’t have done all of this without help.

While Ontario began drowning in a competitive globalized world where Canada’s currency is no longer a trade advantage, Premier McGuinty proved how utterly stupid and incompetent he really is.

Instead of preparing for an industrial downturn by making life easier for businesses, this idiot made life that much more difficult for the corporate engine that runs Ontario.

He has raised taxes. He has made it harder for companies large and small to best manage its workforce. And he has removed incentives for people to want to work.

And when Ontario needs maximum productivity, he throws in a mandatory February one day holiday that does just the opposite. Not only does it disrupt productivity, it also cost the province’s businesses billions of dollars in lost salaries and revenues.

When Harper decided to rape Ontario’s tax base to help him win seats in Quebec, McGuinty whimpered a like a little boy who lost his ball to a bigger boy. No one listens to a crybaby.

In contrast, when Premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland and Labrador figured his Province was getting screwed, he declared war on Ottawa. He even went as far as to order the removal of Canadian flags from Provincial buildings. Now that attracts attention!

During Harper’s rape of Ontario for the benefit of Quebec, McGuinty was busily doing whatever he could to promote the French Language through the Languages Fairness Act that ultimately makes the use of French mandatory throughout the province of Ontario.

How does that pay the bills?

We must always bear in mind that ONLY 4% of Ontario’s TOTAL population is French speaking, yet, giving the French language this incredible position in the everyday life of Ontario’s civil service has taken priority over Ontario’s crumbling economy, and grand theft of our tax dollars by Harper to give to Quebec.

I don’t want to tell you that I told you so. But I will tell it to you anyway. I TOLD YOU SO.

Harper’s Conservatives are all about Quebec. McGuinty is all about who the hell knows what? And the taxpayers and residents in Ontario are paying the price.

Harper will give the Ontario auto industry $200 million to help them modernize and attract new customers. That’s TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars less than Harper has given Quebec.

But maybe he’s hoping no one will notice.

Guy Lauzon, the Conservative Member of Parliament in my riding (Stormont, Dundas, South-Glengarry) has recently proclaimed that he has never been prouder to be an MP because he managed to bring as many as 177 government call center jobs to Cornwall.

Now ain’t that something?

He’s proud that as many as 177 high paid government jobs will kill the private call center industry in Cornwall because they will have no chance of competing with the high government salaries and perks.

Canada needs INDEPENDENT voices in Parliament to stand up and say it like it is.

Enough of this Quebec crap. And enough of Official Bilingualism, when less than 3% of the entire country, excluding Quebec is French speaking.

As YOUR INDEPENDENT VOICE, I will do whatever I can to push Quebec out of Canada. I will fight at every venue to make English the Official language of Canada with French available where numbers warrant.


When Harper finally develops the courage to drop the writ and call an election, I will give you the choice between the Party faithful status quo, or an INDEPENDENT VOICE who will speak for you.

To read what I stand for, please visit my campaign platform by clicking on the red link just below my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your ability to do all these great things was, in part, because Canada enabled you. Though i applaud the efforts you have taken to stem the Red Tide the hardships you have endured are not so great compared to many others. I wish you well but also wish you hadn’t started to sound like Hillary’s “poor me” announcement.

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