Where’s The Respect?

As I grow older, I realize that too many people are law abiding ONLY because they have to be.

It’s hard to want to campaign for a seat in Parliament when far too many people do not merit someone who is willing to work his or her ass-off to make our country a better place for them and theirs.

As I grow older, I realize that too many people are law abiding ONLY because they have to be. They’ll do the right thing ONLY when they have to. And they’ll do something underhanded if they think they can get away with it.

Last night, Anne and I went to see a movie in Cornwall.

The movie experience is a tremendous window into peoples’ personalities. One can show tremendous respect for others in a movie theatre simply by doing nothing. But that’s not what happens.

Last night for example:

The movie was supposed to start at 7:10, but we all know that movies don’t really start until at least 10 to 15 minutes after their scheduled time. Yet, people show up after the actual movie starts, and stand in the aisles discussing where they might be able to find a seat in the dark theater.

Anne and I climbed up the stairs to the back of the theatre where there are rows of two seats side by side, where we usually like to sit. That way, we have no one sitting on either side of us.

Even though we were early, and the theatre was still relatively empty, all the rows of 2 seats were taken. Or so it appeared, except for one row that had coats over each seat, as if they were saved for a couple who might have gone for a moment to the concession stands.

Anne was about to find us two seats otherwise, when I noticed that the people sitting behind those seats with the coats didn’t have coats of their own. So I asked them if the coats over the seats were theirs. They were.

They took their coats off the chairs, got up, and went to sit on the row directly behind where they were just seated, and put their coats on the chairs they just vacated. As it turns out, not only did they want to sit without anyone sitting beside them, they also wanted to put their feet up on the seat backs ahead of them. How respectful is that?

Then there was the guy who kept looking at his cell phone during the movie. I guess he had it on vibrate and figured who’s he bothering. But, in a darkened theatre, the glare of his phone was just as aggravating and disturbing as if he was speaking.

About speaking: Why can’t people just shut up in a movie theatre?

Why is it always necessary for people to whisper during the movie, as if whispers are not disturbing?

Then there are people who feel compelled to make loud commentaries during the movie, as if everyone needs their analysis to understand what just happened.

The thing that pisses me off to no-end, are the people who leave their garbage on the seats, under the seats and in the aisles when the movie’s done.

The movie cost us about $20. The refreshments another $12. The gas to go to and from the theater was about $10. The evening out cost us about of $42. In today’s economy, that’s not chump change to most people.

So how depressing is it to spend forty-two after tax dollars on a simple evening out to be disturbed by boors?

The worst of it is, is that the people I described in the preceding are everyday folk, the kind of people you probably know. They were well dressed. They probably had jobs. And they might have families, or will have families in the future.

It’s no big deal. No one died. No one was hurt. Nothing was stolen. And there were no confrontations. But in the greater sense it is very disturbing to see what people are really like, since it sums up a great deal of the psyche of the people I will be depending upon to win a seat in Parliament.

What makes it worthwhile though, is that the majority of people who attend movies behave respectfully.

On another note:

I’m receiving aggressive emails from people who are quite far to the political Right, who are accusing me of being a pretend Conservative. One writer said that I was a Liberal in Conservative clothing. Another suggested that I was a member or supporter of PETA because I am opposed to the Seal Hunt.

Let me continue to be as clear as I can possibly be:

I cannot be all things to all people. I cannot satisfy the political and social beliefs of everyone who is looking to vote for someone who is a mirror image of themselves.

Anyone who says ONLY what he or she thinks, that will get him or her votes, regardless of what they really believe in, is not the person any right thinking individual should want to vote for.

There are many people out there who detest what I support, as there are many people who agree wholeheartedly with me. And there are people in the middle who agree with some of my platform as they disagree with other parts of my platform. These are the people who will make the difference.

I just hope they’re not amongst the boors who show their true worth in movie theatres.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are mistaken regarding Florida’s weather. During the months you would be in the US, South Florida’s temperature hovers between 75 and 85 degrees. In fact there are the odd couple of days where it’s in the 50s and 60s. Also, from December thru May, we hardly get any rain at all. In other words, for about 5 months – the months you would be here – the weather is pretty close to PERFECT! So for next year, why not have a second look at the Gun-shine State? We’d love to have y’all here!

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