New Lows In Voter Intelligence

The story of Barack Obama and the absolute stupidity of American voters who support him is not unique to the USA.

It is absolutely true that we get the government we deserve. Unfortunately though, it is also true that not all of us deserve the government we get.

I’m watching the US Presidential campaigns with keen interest and a sense of disbelief. It seems that a huge number of American Democrats and Independents might be sending Barack Obama as their candidate to win the White House.

How stupid can people be?

Here’s a guy with a very limited track record, none of which is particularly good. Much of it is particularly bad. Yet, the people cheer, cry and faint over him as if he is the Second Coming.

I wrote at the beginning of the Primaries that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic Nomination. I wrote that because I figured the American people would never fall for Obama the snake-oil salesman. I WAS WRONG.

Short of a miracle for Clinton, it looks like Obama will win. What does that say about the electorate?

I was also certain there was no chance a fraud artist like Obama could ever beat whoever was to be the Republican candidate, as it turns out, it is all but certain to be McCain, but now I’m not so sure if McCain can beat this guy.

I am absolutely convinced that most of the Liberals who show up to vote are idiots. How else could the popularity of Obama be explained?

Here’s a guy, along with his wife, who according to her, was never proud to be an American until now, who between them, have the market cornered on arrogance.

Obama calls himself Black, even though his mother is White. He was born in Hawaii to a Kenyan father, raised by an Indonesian stepfather, educated partly in a Madrassa as a Moslem in Indonesia, then educated in Continental USA at Harvard (no less) to be a lawyer.

His current religious preference is a form of Christianity run by Black leaders who hate Whites and Jews.

Obama held a Seat in the Illinois State Senate, leading him to win a Federal Senate Seat in a contest he really had no chance of winning, against a very powerful, popular, rich and well known Illinois Republican (Jack Ryan), who had to step down midway through the campaign because word got out about his sexual deviancy.

Jack Ryan was married to Jeri Ryan, best known for her Star Trek role as the Borg’s 7 of 9. She later appeared in Boston Common, and now co-stars in the weekly television series Shark.

Her divorce testimony about how her husband wanted her to have sex with him in front of an audience in several sex clubs, wiped Jack Ryan out politically, leaving the door wide open for Obama the Democrat.

Before sitting as a State and Federal Senator, while practicing as a lawyer, the only thing high profile about Obama was his relationship with slumlord, Tony Rezko, who is now indicted on charges of kick-backs.

During Obama’s political campaigns, Rezko was a serious Obama supporter, close friend, and political donor. They also bought homes side by side in an upscale part of Chicago, where Obama bought a $2 million home for $300,000 UNDER the asking price. He paid $1.65 million. He subsequently bought adjoining land from Rezko’s wife for $104,000 in order to enlarge his own property.

There are a lot of questions about Obama with very few answers.

Here’s a guy who no one ever heard of, who is all of a sudden the great Liberal rage in the USA. WHY?

Voters have a terrible habit of mistaking great political snake oil salesmen for serious leaders. There is no savvy businessperson in the world who would ever trust the management of his or her company to someone without a track record. But that’s exactly what the voters are doing.

You don’t have to dig deep to know that this guy doesn’t have a clue about how to manage the economy of the USA. He’s already pledged close to a Trillion dollars in social spending at the expense of business and higher than average wage earners.

He has said he would rather have dialogue with enemies who have a passionate hate-on for the USA, such as Ahmadinejad, than confrontation. In terms of his Middle East policy, if he wins, Israel better be prepared for the hardest ride Israel can imagine.

The story of Barack Obama and the absolute stupidity of American voters who support him is not unique to the USA. Canada has no shortage of voters who are no different.

In the late 1960’s, Canada elected an arrogant Prime Minister (Pierre Elliot Trudeau) whose only experience was standing in front of a class of students in the university where he taught. But he too was a political Rock Star.

It was called Trudeaumania. And like what we now see with Barack Obama, people were swooned by his charisma. The only thing they saw was the hype of the man who promised them nothing more than platitudes. Sound familiar?

If the Americans want to have an idea of what Trudeaumania cost Canada, all they have to do is look at how dysfunctional Canada has become because of his absurd policies that has destroyed our Canadian Culture, and sent our country into a paralyzing per capita debt.

As someone who cares a great deal about my country (Canada) and the United States of America, I fear greatly that we are headed down a calamitous path that will take generations to recover from.

The problem with Democracy is simple:

Most of the people who vote, have no idea what they’re voting for. They don’t know the issues. And they don’t question the real competence of the candidates. Therefore, inevitably, we really do get the government we deserve.

With your help, we don’t have to have the government we have. We can start the process of WINNING BACK CANADA by getting my INDEPENDENT VOICE elected to Parliament where real concerns will be dealt with opposed to the concerns of the Party.

Together, we can WIN BACK CANADA. To see how, please click on the red link just under my signature.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great decision I am sure. I know what it is to “pick up” and move my friend. All will be great and you will never look back I am sure. Very best to you both.

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