Clearing The Air

I wouldn’t tell her any of this because she asked, and it was none of her business to ask.

I’m receiving a great deal of emails from people who are first time visitors to The vast majority of the letters I receive are extremely supportive. Many of the people writing promise to help out when the writ is finally dropped. While others have pledged financial support now.

Some of the letter-writers are very critical of what I stand for, especially of the editorial (February 18, 2008) where I wrote that I couldn’t care less that a suicide bomb killed 80 people because they were participating in dog fighting when it happened.

One particular letter-writer was so upset with the things I wrote that she sent me a voluminous critique of just about everything I stand for, with the proviso that she would like to know more about me before she decides to give me her support. Huh?

She also wanted to know my religious affiliation. Why? When I checked the bios of sitting Members of Parliament, they provide a great deal of personal information including language preference, but not one hint of religious affiliation is written anywhere.

What difference should my religion have, to whether I would be a good MP or not? I told her that my religious affiliation is irrelevant.

But, if you’ve been reading my Web Site over the years, I have made many references to the fact that I am a Jewish Atheist who believes in everyone’s freedom to practice their religious beliefs as long as they are not injurious to anyone but the practitioner.

I also make no bones about my belief that there must be a solid line between Church and State.

For many of you who do not know this about me, which is pretty much all of you, I went to Protestant public school in Montreal and then Chomedey Laval (just North of Montreal), where I learned how to recite the Lord’s prayer. I also learned a huge number of hymns, which I still remember. And I know more Christmas Carols than most of my Christian friends can sing.

During all of this time, I was also attending Jewish classes after public school, until my mother enrolled me in a (Lubavitch Yeshiva) Rabbinical college. I went to an Orthodox Synagogue every Sabbath without fail, and actually considered becoming a Rabbi.

Strange how things change: One day I was observant. The next day I was an Atheist.

I wouldn’t tell her any of this because she asked, and it was none of her business to ask. I have just told you this because you didn’t ask, and it perhaps gives you a better insight and perspective into what makes me tick.

Some of my stalwart readers have sent me emails “begging” me to tone down my rhetoric in fear that my in-your-face aggressive style will frighten and perhaps alienate potential voters.

They’re right. But they’re not right for me.

If I wrote what I thought people wanted to read. And went out of my way not to write what I thought people didn’t want to read. Where would I be any better than the politicians we have so little respect for?

It is not in my nature to be duplicitous.

If I’m going to win, it’s not because I will be hiding anything. It will because I will not be hiding anything.

The same writer I referred to in the preceding suggested that I practiced sensational journalism and didn’t get my facts right. She went on to point out that in my February 15, 2008 editorial, I wrote that the woman who was turned away from the French ONLY healthcare clinic in Cornwall was indeed French speaking with a French background.

I WAS WRONG! She was unilingual English. It was her husband who was French speaking. The correction has been made in that editorial.

I apologize to everyone. I should not have made that mistake. But as I pointed out to the letter-writer, how does my mistake change the fact that a sick English speaker was turned away because she was not French?

I also pointed out that a couple of years ago, a French speaking woman who brought her son to that same clinic for treatment, was refused subsequent visits because her son was English speaking. Her name is Veronika Pelletier.

I’m also receiving many requests from people for private meetings or telephone calls. I can’t do that. If I did, I won’t have time to do anything else. But over the next few weeks, I hope to have some public meetings where we can have a chance to meet and speak with each other face to face.

I will have my book, CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY completed in the next couple of weeks. I have already received orders with checks for the publication when it comes out. The cost is $25 everything in.

I have also received my first shipment of ANGRYPHONE documentaries (on DVD) written, directed and produced by Jimmy K, former president of the Equality Party. I along with other well-known RIGHTS ACTIVISTS from Quebec, as well as a former Parti Quebecois Minister (Separatist) during the time of the last referendum (2008), provide insight into Quebec’s ethnocentric nationalism like it’s never been told before.

You will see and hear Richard Le Hir, the former PQ Minister tell how the PQ tried their best to cheat the federalist voters at every turn in the last referendum. If there is ONLY one source you will want to refer to, to learn the history of Quebec’s racist language laws, ANGRYPHONE is that source.

This isn’t a dynamic editorial. I didn’t rake anyone over the coals. But I hope I cleared the air somewhat. I promise to make my next editorial the usual scathing take-no-prisoners standard.

As always, I thank you for reading and for your support. To learn more about my platform and how you can support our campaign to WIN BACK CANADA, please click on the red link below my signature.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. OH MY! How grateful I am to have seen this special Notice from you and Anne! I’ve had little time to read emails or blogs in such a long, long time! I’ve prayed for you often, because I knew, early on, that you were a ‘voice in OUR wilderness’ and truly appreciated your insight & understanding of what we were experiencing. I only wanted to “HELP you with editing!” Ha. I moved to SATX 5 yrs ago–LUV it. Let’s plan a Margarita afternoon on the River Walk one day. Please. Would love to talk.

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