We Don’t Need Immigrants Like The Afghans

It wasn’t just the adult males who were celebrating an outing at the dog rip and tear day, it was with their sons.

Yesterday (February 17, 2008), CTV’s late night news showed a video of a suicide bombing in Afghanistan that claimed 80 lives, with countless more wounded.

It was a horrific thing to see.

As the news story was told: This was a family gathering where men and their sons turn out to fight their dogs. The pre-bombing video showed opposing men holding their fighting dogs on short leashes, as the dogs tore at each other.

Then the blast.

My first reaction to the blood and mayhem, seconds before I knew what the gathering was for, was revulsion at this act of murder, and pity for the victims.

After seeing why the large crowd was assembled, my reaction immediately became: ONLY 80? Why couldn’t the terrorists have killed them all?

My next thought was: If this is part of the Afghan culture, what the hell are we (Canada) doing in Afghanistan? Why are we spending our fortunes and risking the lives and safety of our men and women in uniform?

And then another thought struck me. These are the type of people we are welcoming into our country. Whoa!

Islam looks very poorly upon animals, especially dogs. To Islamists, dogs are considered unclean, and not fit to touch.

Gandhi said many very memorable things during his lifetime. But the one that remains fixed in my mind is this: “We can judge the progress of a nation by how it treats its animals.”

A couple of weeks ago, a cat Anne saved 6 years earlier (as a kitten) became sick. She all of a sudden became listless and stopped eating. Anne calls this cat April Storm, because she showed up at our barn emaciated and pregnant during an April snowstorm in 2002.

I was in Israel doing live radio shows back to Canada and the USA during the height of the Intifada. But that’s another story.

Because I wasn’t home, as if that would have made a difference, Anne made the executive decision to bring this sickly cat into our home. First she brought April Storm to the vet, had the litter aborted, and restored her health.

We have two cats. One is a 15-year-old diabetic (Diana) who has more opinions than I do, and April Storm. We also have an 11-year-old Sheltie named Scot, who is convinced that he is the center of the universe. And to complete the animal family, we have three horses, and a pony we rescued from a terribly abusive circumstance.

As I was just previously writing, April wasn’t doing well, so we brought her to the vet. April has a kidney disorder that will require chronic care for the rest of her life. She should live a normal life as long as we give her special medicine every day at $1 per dose.

The initial visit to the vet, including two nights of observation and tests cost $691. The next visit with medication and a special diet rounded the total to just under $1000.

What does that tell you about how we feel about animals?

Anne and I are not alone in this commitment and unconditional love for our animal family. So, most of you reading this can at best relate, and if not relate, at least understand.

So, how could I ever want people in my country who think at best, that dogs are dirty, and at worst, fight them for entertainment?

You tell me – what kind of people receive pleasure out of watching and encouraging animals to savage each other? What kind of people think this is a way to raise children?

And how are we going to bring democracy to people who participate in this ghoulish activity?

Since seeing this news video I have made two decisions.

1 – Get our troops out of Afghanistan and let the bastards murder each other. Till yesterday, I wasn’t happy to have Canadian soldiers in harm’s way in Afghanistan, but I sort of understood it. Unfortunately for Afghanistan, I now understand it better.

2 – Keep all Afghans out of Canada. As a matter of course, keep any culture that savages animals for sport out of Canada.

It’s incredible who we let into our country, and how we’re supposed to change ourselves to accommodate them?

If we don’t win back Canada, this is just a taste of cultures to come. We have no idea what is stewing amongst the immigrants we welcome with open arms, whose value systems are nothing like our own.

Let’s win back Canada together.

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Together – we can all make a difference. Thank you for reading Galganov.com.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. God bless both of you! Love your plan and sincerely wish you well! God’s speed and safe travels! You’re the best!

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