Canada Practices Reverse Discrimination

Because this egregious display of outright racism is against White English speakers, there seems to be no big deal.

Yesterday (February 14, 2008), I wrote about Ontario’s decision to balance a horrific policy with one that is no less repugnant.

Ontario promotes French ONLY clinics.

No one really knew this until a sick woman in need of medical care was turned away from the French ONLY Healthcare Clinic in Cornwall because she was not French.

I wonder if there is a DNA test to determine whether someone is French or not. For about half a second, there was an outrage, and then everyone forgot about it.

Yesterday, it was announced in the daily Cornwall Standard Freeholder newspaper that to balance everything, Ontario decided to create an English ONLY Healthcare Clinic in Cornwall.

Martin Luther King was murdered for standing against segregation and segregationists. Canadians, who I know personally, were so outraged at the US Jim Crow Laws back in the 50’s and 60’s during the civil rights movement, that they went South at great personal risk to march for full racial equality.

And here we are a half-century later, and the shit-for-brains politicians are spitting in the face of those who did so much for the absolute right of equality.

In Alexandria Ontario, French kids are not allowed to ride on the same school busses as their English friends for fear from their parents, teachers and school administrators that they will somehow be tainted by the presence of English-speaking children.

Even the school break periods have been arranged by the French side to make certain they would not coincide with the dreaded English-speaking children. And French children who dare to speak in English on school property are disciplined.

Substitute the word English for Moslem or Black.

What would be said if there was a policy that English-speaking Whites used to forbid Moslems or Black children from riding on the same school bus with White Christian children?

Or how about a policy that would not provide healthcare to someone who was a Moslem or Black?

You don’t have to answer, since there would be a race between the Human Rights Commissions, the bureaucrats and the politicians to see who could be more outwardly offended and outraged by such a thing.

They would want the whole world to see their outrage.

There would be a contest to see who would be first to take the White racists to court if this was ever to happen.

But, because this egregious display of outright racism is against White English speakers, there seems to be no big deal.

Well, to me – it is a very big deal.

It is probably the biggest deal of our lives. If we want to protect and preserve the Canada our parents and grandparents gave to us, we better make it as big a deal as we possibly can.

It seems to me, that if we as a majority are willing to stand for Canada and the culture we grew up with, somehow, the minorities and their Quisling political appeasers will define us as racists.




I would be a coward and a traitor to the memory of those Canadians (including my deceased parents) who have gone before me, if I don’t stand up for Canada.


I will do whatever I can to WIN BACK CANADA. I will fight from shore to shore if given the opportunity to win an Independent seat in Parliament.

I will not be cowered by people who will do their best to brand me a racist, only because I want to fight for OUR country.

I believe fully in immigration. My grandparents were immigrants from Eastern Europe. Canada needs immigrants. But we do not need immigrants who want us to become like them, opposed to them wanting to become like us.

But it’s not just about immigrants. It’s about Language unfairness where less than 3% of Canada’s population excluding Quebec is French speaking. Over time, sooner rather than later unless it’s stopped, all senior civil servant jobs and top ranking military officers will ONLY be appointed from Canada’s minority French-speaking population.

While our politicians in Ontario and the rest of Canada are killing us while they dream up more ways of accommodating French speakers, Quebec’s so-called federalist Liberal party is dreaming up more ways to punish English speakers.


I will give you a voice right across Canada, if you will give me your support. I’m doing what I can. Are you doing what you can? If nothing else, please just spread the word about and give us all a chance to WIN BACK CANADA.

Please click on the red link at the bottom of this page to learn how you can help make a difference.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. No more French to hear -is a blessing .I wish I could do the same . Too late now I will be 90 in Nov. but I spent many winters in Arizona and loved it. MY LATE HUSBAND HAD DUAL Citizenship. It is possible. But I think you have to work in both places. Alex Rerbeck who leads Jeopardy– he said he had a dual citizenship just this last week. Check it out. You have given all you can to Canada but it will be French again with Trudeau at the helm. Good health. Love,Dot Davies-Fuhrman in Kelowna.B.C

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