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My ad campaign is attracting a great deal of attention, just about all of it is great.

I haven’t written any new editorials within the past week or so because of my on-going print ad campaign in Cornwall and Winchester which carries the message: “It’s Time To Win Back Canada”.

Also, we have a radio campaign running on CFRA Ottawa on the Lowell Green show. This is a two-week campaign with 30-second spots being aired twice daily during the show.

If you would like to hear the spot, just click on the box at the top of this page.

I don’t know if Harper will be calling an election anytime soon. It seems that no one can win a majority if he did. Nonetheless, I will continue to campaign as if an election is going to be called tomorrow.

During this time frame, I have been working overtime on a new book titled Canada is not a bilingual country. The book is chock full of facts with a history of where official bilingualism has brought us, and at a cost no one in government wants to speak about.

I also include a great deal of other issues all Canadians should want to speak about, but prefer not to. And I make no apology for the fact that this book is a significant tool for my campaign.

When it goes on sale, which should be in a few weeks, it will sell for $25 (all in). 100% of the profits will go towards our campaign to WIN BACK CANADA.


I have a FABULOUS DVD produced by Jimmy K, the former president of Quebec’s Equality Party, which has been replaced by Affiliation Quebec, led by Allan Nutik.

This DVD is a work of love created by Jimmy K, which is his first-ever attempt to do anything like this. He videotaped the entire piece with a plain hand held video camera. There are no special effects.

There was ONLY Jimmy K and the people he interviewed.

If I were to tell you that Jimmy’s documentary (116 minutes) is good, I would be lying to you. IT’S FANTASTIC!

If you want to know the real history of Quebec’s racist language laws and how the Equal Rights Movements did the best they could to stem the tide, Jimmy K’s documentary is the best thing I have ever seen on this subject.

It should be a mandatory tool to teach history in all Canadian high schools. IT’S THAT GOOD! It’s that honest. And it’s that accurate. It’s so good that it is very doubtful if it will ever be aired on conventional television.

Jimmy and I have come to an agreement over his documentary. He wants it sold and viewed. I want to sell it and have it viewed. So this is what we have agreed upon:

Jimmy will provide copies of ANGRYPHONE to Galganov Dot Com. We will sell the DVDs and ship them out for $25 each (all in). Jimmy will receive $10 from Galganov Dot Com for every video sold. This way, he will be able to recover some of his costs and the costs to produce multiple DVD’s. Galganov Dot Com will earn more money to continue our pro Rights activism.


If you want to receive a copy of ANGRYPHONE, a PayPal link will soon be added. Or, if you want a copy before the link is added and don’t want to wait, send a check or money order in the amount of $25 to:

Galganov Dot Com Inc

Box 17 Williamstown

Ontario, Canada

K0C 2J0

Make certain to mention ANGRYPHONE when ordering. Since Jimmy is not mass-producing the video, please expect a one to two week delay from the time of your order to the time you receive it.

I heard on Cornwall radio this morning (February 14, 2008), that Cornwall will soon begin construction on an ENGLISH ONLY HEALTH CLINIC to balance Cornwall’s FRENCH ONLY HEALTH CLINIC.

If there was such as a thing as an award for Shit-For-Brains, our politicians and bureaucrats who came up with this asinine decision would all tie for top honors.

If official bilingualism has come to the point where we welcome French only and English only health clinics, what does that say about the effects of this abysmally failed national language policy?

Ontario supports separate French and English ONLY healthcare clinics. Ontario has no problem with French ONLY school busses, and supports mandatory bilingual signs in communities where there are French speakers who demand it.

In essence, in the name of placating just 4% of Ontario’s (French speaking) population, Ontario is promoting segregation.

My ad campaign is attracting a great deal of attention, just about all of it is great. I have received many offers of support when the writ is dropped. And many more people have signed-on to receive Galganov editorial broadcast email advisories. I am very pleased.

But not everyone thinks positively about my opinions. Here is an email I just received:

“Go back to Russia you fucccccking racist.”

The writer did not sign his name, but he did leave his email address if you’d like to drop him a line.

[email protected]

Here is how I responded to him:

Gerald: I was born in Canada. So were my parents.

Both of my parents served in Canada’s armed forces during WWII. My father was a highly decorated and wounded Canadian soldier.

I have helped create programs that feed thousands of children (mostly French children in Quebec) hot meals everyday.

I’ve raised millions of dollars to help the less fortunate.

I maintain a foundation at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal where 35% of the patients are French speaking. In addition to other charities that Anne and I support with our money, we also donate to the Alexandria Hospital where there are probably more French speakers than English speakers.

What have you done with your life?

I think your letter says much more about you than it says about me.


As always, thank you for reading and for your support. It is only by fighting as a unit, that together, we will be able to overcome the challenges that are suffocating our country.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You made the right choice! TEXAS-God’s Country… I’ve seen signs like that when I grew up there. One of your respondents said: “It’s much too liberal for him around Austin”… I have to agree. But you don’t have to put up with that where you are going to stay. Happy Trails to you, Anne, and Stryker. If I get a chance sometime, I hope to see you down there. God Bless.
    Mike Renner, Mayflower, Ar.

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