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If you care about WINNING BACK CANADA, we can do it together.

If we’re going to win back Canada, we have to understand what it is that we want to be winning back.

There was a time when people fought long and hard for everyone to be treated equally in our country; where race, national origin, religion, language, gender, and physical handicaps, to name just some of the key issues would not be factors in how we fared within society.

There have been many brave men and women who sacrificed greatly to guarantee the creation of a level playing field for everyone.


But now the pendulum has swung too far in favor of minorities. Many of whom, who were once targeted because of their minority status, are now targeting the majority.

What makes this really interesting is that it is not just a Canadian experience, nearly as much as it is global. Wherever there are Leftist governments, or Centrist governments, there are politicians and social leaders who are too frightened to stand up for what is right.

Think of the North American outrage if there were: White Music Awards, White Miss America Contests, White Best Actor Awards, White ONLY Campuses, White History Channels and White ONLY Schools.

Think of the outrage in Canada if we had: English Only Hospitals, English Only School Busses, and English Only Signs.

Then think about what the world would say if Affirmative Action in Canada mandated that English speaking White Judeo/Christians must be given a substantial hiring advantage over people of non-Jewish, non-Christian faiths who spoke languages other than English, who were also of colored ethnicity.

Now think about what the world would say if in Canada, the government established commissions to strip away the rights of ethnics and minorities who attempted to express their outrage at being treated so badly.

This is indeed what Canada has become. BUT IN REVERSE.

Everything I wrote in the preceding is happening within Canada, and in the greater North American context.

If a member of the majority stands up to say this isn’t right, he or she will be labeled a racist and could find himself, or herself before one of Canada’s Human Rights Commissions, where the unrestricted use of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, and Freedom of Expression are becoming illegal.

These are the things we need to change to WIN BACK CANADA.

With your help, we can do it together.

With your help, I can win a seat as an INDEPENDENT candidate in Parliament (Stormont, Dundas, South Glengarry) where your voice will be heard loud and clear through me.

And not just a voice for my Riding:

With enough support from all of Canada, I will be the INDEPENDENT voice for all Canadians who are as upset and like-minded as I am.

I believe in EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone, opposed to special rights for a few.

I believe in a government that defends equality in virtually every aspect of society.

I believe there should never be hiring quotas based upon ethnicity, race, language, gender, etc.

I believe we need less government, lower taxes and far better use of our existing tax dollars.

I believe in the best publicly funded healthcare and prescription drug program possible, administered through private enterprise, just the way much of our existing healthcare system is administered right now through privately run doctors’ offices.

I believe that our schools should get back to teaching the fundamentals, and stay away from social engineering. It would also be nice if our schools taught more about Canada from geography to history.

I believe that Quebec should be as French as it wants to be, while Ontario and the rest of Canada should be as English as it wants to be.

And when you look at all of Canada (excluding Quebec), where there are fewer than 3% of the total population who are French speaking, CANADA DOES NOT NEED OFFICIAL BILINGUALISM.

As for Quebec: I wish they’d just pack-up and leave. ENOUGH ALREADY!

If you care about WINNING BACK CANADA, we can do it together with your financial, moral and physical support. Please read my platform and see how much of what I stand for, you stand for too.

If you’re reading for the first time, read the ARCHIVES and get a better taste of where I stand on just about every issue. And if you don’t know, just email me. I’ll do my best to get back to you directly or answer your question in an editorial.

To read my political platform, just click on the red link at the bottom of this page that says: HOW TO SUPPORT GALGANOV DOT COM.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard and Anne – GREAT choice and Mazel Tov. I am really looking forward to riding with you next week. I am hoping that next year’s ride will be back to Texas like we did last year. If I am not too forward or daring may be we can have some of your friends say hello to you at our destinations along our route on the Pledge Ride?

    a very proud Pledge Rider

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