Together – Let’s Win Back Canada

The beginning of the campaign has been bought and paid for. Let's do it!

As of today (January 31, 2008), my pre-election campaign has started.

I just bought and paid for 4 large ads (one per week every Saturday) to be published in the first section of the Cornwall Standard Freeholder, the area’s largest daily newspaper.

In addition to the Saturday adds, our message will also appear (same ad same size) in their Friday Smart Shopper edition (3 consecutive Fridays).

Also, GALGANOV DOT COM will appear in a business card size ad in the front section of the newspaper every day, for 30 days.

The message is simple:


In addition, we have the top banner on their well read Web Page that delivers various campaign messages:



All of the ads direct the reader to the Web Site.

The message in the large ad is as follows:


WE CAN NOT MOVE FORWARD if our tax dollars are being spent on things we never asked for.

We can’t develop our economy as long as Ottawa spends Billions of Dollars Buying Votes in Quebec.

Outside of Quebec, 97% of all Canadians are non-French speaking.

96% of all Ontarians are non-French speaking.

What’s with Official Bilingualism?

Why should English speakers be refused great government jobs and promotions in the military?

The next time you need to wait for healthcare, think about the Tens of Billions of Dollars Canada spends on Quebec and Official Bilingualism.

Shouldn’t coming to Canada as an immigrant be a privilege instead of a right?

Why should we want to accommodate cultures that want to change ours?


There is a rumor that Stephen Harper might actually call an election in the very short while. I hope not. I want a leg-up on campaigning. As an INDEPENDENT candidate I will be fighting the opposition with both of my hands tied behind my back.

But that’s OK, I don’t mind being an underdog in an unfair fight, as long as I get to fight the same as the other guys.

I would love to get a 30-day jump. But either way, I will do whatever it takes to win your confidence, and win the day for Canadians who want to see our great country the way it used to be.

As I have repeatedly said, this is our fight. It’s not just my fight.

My success at the polls will be the very difference between you having a voice with which to fight for your rights across Canada. OR NO VOICE AT ALL.

I will need every bit of support you can muster. I will need to finance additional radio and print campaigns, just as I will need funds to buy posters and campaign signs.

I will need people who will be willing to sit on their phones calling people who live in my Riding. Even if you live in British Columbia, you can still make calls to the people who live in my neck of the woods. I’ll supply the names and numbers.

I will need volunteers who will canvass from door to door, letting the electorate know there is a strong INDEPENDENT VOICE who will make a real difference, instead of just mouthing the words the Party wants them to.

I will need people who will be willing to act as my representatives at the polls when voting day is upon us.

If you’re ready to have a voice and let it be heard. I am ready to be that voice that will be heard. But it won’t happen without you.

These ads are bought and paid for. Now it’s up to all of us together, from Coast to Coast, to make certain that we can WIN BACK OUR COUNTRY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello Howard and Anne, As you travel down I-35 I live 1 mile east of the interstate, wave when you pass through Norman Oklahoma. I have relatives in Texas, it’s also my home state too. I was afraid you would be leaving North America, for Belize or other places on the Caribbean. So happy you will be nearby. Stay safe!!

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