American Riches Of Choice

America is indeed fortunate to have these two Republicans who are not apologists for America.

I am really disappointed that Rudy didn’t do it. That’s too bad since he would have been a fabulous candidate, and a President the USA and the rest of the world deserves.

That said: I am no less hopeful and encouraged by the two front-running Republican candidates. I like them both.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that Huckabee wanted to be the “Christian” candidate, opposed to being a Candidate who is Christian, I would have liked him for the Presidency as well.

What makes the Republican race so exciting is that Romney and McCain both have what it takes to be the President of the USA the moment one of them takes his Oath of Office.

They are decent tough guys who have shown a real ability to get into a REAL fight and sustain the blows. They have proven not to be whiners and wimps. And they don’t play the gender card. Nor do they play the race card.

More so – Ask either of them a pertinent question, and you’ll get a serious answer.

On the other side, there are Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama speaks in his preacher-voice from the pulpit, delivering platitudes and feel good garbage. He has no record to stand on. And if it wasn’t for the Black vote, he wouldn’t even register in the polls.

Hillary, who is the more qualified and better of the two, is nothing without Bill. She has remade herself more times than a chameleon, and each time not for the better.

America is indeed fortunate to have these two Republicans who are not apologists for America as are Obama and Clinton. Neither of them views the USA as a failed nation as do Obama and Clinton.

McCain and Romney see challenges to meet, and problems to fix. But unlike Obama and Clinton, they are proud of the USA.

They are proud of their military. They are proud to be part of a country fighting to make the world safe and better. And they are proud to be UNCONDITIONAL Americans.

You do not hear either of them bitching about what the rest of the world thinks about America, because they couldn’t care in the least if the rest of the world is pissed at the USA because the USA has the courage to do what the rest of the world is too scared to do.

Whichever of these two exceptional candidates wins, he should make the offer to the other to be his running mate. What a team they would be.

As for the Democratic candidates: it makes no difference which of the two wins, since America deserves far better than either or both of them combined.

I can’t wait for November 2008.

I wish Canada had this “problem” of great politicians to choose between.

As always, I thank you for reading, and for your financial and moral support.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard and Anne — can you stop in Virginia and pick up a hitch-hiker? That would be ME? I am excited for you guys and love the freedom your decision will give you — for you two, and for the idea of it as well. God richly bless you both and your critters as you begin a totally new lifestyle. Takes more moxie than I have as a 72-year old widow who doesn’t want to be so far from her kids/grandkids, but also not one to do things alone. I am a tad green with envy.

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