Conservative Party Folly – Guy Lauzon – Nothing To Be Proud Of

Starting next week – the gloves really come off. And to borrow Hillary Clinton’s fabulous election line she no longer uses: WE’RE IN IT TO WIN IT!

In the January 25, 2008 Cornwall Standard Freeholder (Smart Shopper), the Member of Parliament for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry (Guy Lauzon), where I live, and where I will run as an Independent Candidate in the next election was quoted:

Bringing 177 federal government Call Center jobs to Cornwall is my “PROUDEST MOMENT” as a Member of Parliament.

I guess he has very low expectations and standards, if getting just 177 taxpayer funded government jobs is his PROUDEST moment.

Cornwall, with a population of just under 46,000 people, has one of the highest levels of welfare and unemployment on a per capita basis amongst all Ontario cities.

The taxpayer government Call Center jobs that Conservative Member Lauzon is so proud of, isn’t even a spit in the ocean compared to the depth of Cornwall’s unemployment. But he’s proud nonetheless.

In fact – his “Proudest Moment” will probably do more harm than good.

Cornwall has worked hard to secure private Call Centers as permanent sources for local employment, and as such, these Centers have to a great extent fulfilled that expectation.

But they struggle to find qualified workers. They are always advertising for new service people, not necessarily because they’re growing, but far more so because they have a high rate of attrition.

What are they going to do now to find employees, when they have to compete with very high paying taxpayer financed government jobs that come with all the perks, bells and whistles private industry could never afford to offer?

How are these PRIVATE Call Centers going to be able to find the people they need to do the job at salaries they can afford to pay?

If just one of these Call Centers closes down, or moves away because they can’t compete with Lauzon’s “PROUDEST MOMENT”, what will he say then?

If Lauzon really wanted to do something to help the community, other than get some front-page accolades for himself, he would have negotiated a deal with the existing PRIVATE Call Centers to do the job for the federal government, rather than kick them in the financial teeth by becoming their biggest (unfair) competitor.

In my lifetime, I’ve helped stop the Seal Hunt, even for a day by putting myself in harm’s way 30 miles out to sea off the coast of Prince Edward Island.

I’ve saved animals from horrible circumstances including dogs and horses.

I created a multi-million dollar campaign throughout Quebec to help battered women.

I helped shelter hundreds of homeless people in Montreal.

I helped feed hungry children in Montreal, to the point where, as many as 7,000 children are fed hot meals daily by my friend Adrian Bercovici and his wife Natalie, who took the ball, and continued to run with it.

I helped promote food baskets for people who desperately needed them.

I fought against ethnocentric nationalism in Quebec, in spite of death threats and the need for armed bodyguards.

I financed more court challenges for equal rights than I can remember. And I financed one Supreme Court Challenge that set a freedom of speech precedent during elections and referendums.


If Guy Lauzon wants to know what my PROUDEST MOMENT is, the answer is simple. I haven’t reached it yet. But getting 177 taxpayer Call Center jobs would not even merit a hick-up.

Starting in early February, I will launch a significant campaign in the Standard Freeholder with a significant size ad to start the process of TAKING BACK CANADA.

In addition to the Standard Freeholder, which is the area’s largest circulated daily newspaper, I will also run a saturation radio campaign on Cornwall’s three English language radio stations.

Between the radio and print campaigns, there will be few people in the Riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry who won’t be aware that there will be a real honest to goodness INDEPENDENT CHOICE when it comes time to go to the polls.

I have just recently received the complete Non Profit incorporation from the federal government for GALGANOV DOT COM INC. It took three months.

The Non Profit designation does NOT make your contributions to Galganov Dot Com Inc tax deductible, but, it enables us to stretch your dollar considerably.

We get a much better rate on everything from banking to advertising. And at the end of the year, we pay no taxes on profits since we cannot declare dividends. The funds stay in the account to continue the fight to TAKE BACK CANADA.

The money you’ve already sent has been put into a holding account, which will now be deposited in Galganov Dot Com Inc, and used to start the battle.

As I have said and written repeatedly, I will do whatever it takes to win back Canada from the people who are suffocating us.

Starting next week – the gloves really come off. And to borrow Hillary Clinton’s fabulous election line she no longer uses: WE’RE IN IT TO WIN IT!

Just as a note:

Starting this week, I will be publishing some excellent letters I’ve received during the past month or so. They are all very good. The first letter is already published, written by Allen E Nutik, leader of Affiliation Quebec.

Jurgen Vollrath will be debating Bernard Grandmaitre along with Marianne Wilkinson on Rogers TV Ottawa, Wednesday, January 30 at 9 pm about Official Bilingualism. If you get this channel, you might want to call in and let your voice be heard.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. wow….what a great plan the 2 of you came up with !! sending happy smiles to you both for a safe, fun, magical ride. Sorry that i’ll probably miss you in Boca but not the spirit that brings you on the Freedom Pledge ride. Here’s to Health, happiness and always looking forward to your next stories.

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