Canada’s Human Rights Kappos

The Human Rights Commissions, and the Commissioners remind me of Nazi Europe’s Kappos.

Gee wiz – You hurt my feelings. Now you’re gonna’ get it! I’m calling 911 Human Rights Commission!

I personally think Islam is a convoluted religion based upon a platform of hatred, lies, deceit, misogyny, threats and backwardness that is unparalleled in our modern world.

But maybe that’s just me.

I also think from what I’ve read about Mohamed, is that by our modern standards, he would be nothing more and nothing less than a hate-monger, mass murderer and pedophile.

But what do I know?

How could I be right if more than a BILLION adherents to the Moslem religion believe otherwise?


Here are other groups who are even more wrong to the bone:

For some unfathomable reason our governments, educational institutions, banks and businesses think we should give special accommodation to Moslems.


No religious group in Canada should merit special accommodation.


Not Christians. Not Jews. Not Hindus. Not Sikhs. Not Buddhists. NONE!

I am a complete proponent for freedom OF religion, and freedom FROM religion. AND THAT INCLUDES MOSLEMS.

Somehow though, we’ve become so frightened of offending Moslems, that we accept their crap as if it is their due. And we help them destroy our freedoms from the inside.

They’ve discovered a secret weapon. They’ve discovered Trudeau’s very Liberal Human Rights Commissions who, at the whole expense of the taxpayers will terminate Freedom of Speech, just to silence the critics of Islam.

The Human Rights Commissions, and the Commissioners remind me of Nazi Europe’s Kappos.

For those of you who do not know who the Kappos were, here’s a simple history lesson:

The Nazis knew they couldn’t control the millions of Jews they interned and planned to exterminate without inside help. So, they went into the ranks of the Jewish communities and found willing Jewish participants to point a finger at prominent Jews, to squeal on Jews who might be planning resistance, to goad Jews onto the death transports, and to beat Jews at the behest of their Nazi masters.

For being such good Kappos, they were rewarded with food rations, and a chance to live perhaps another day.

I do not excuse the Kappos for what they did, but at the very least, I can understand why they turned on their fellow man. Survival in such an incredibly brutal environment could easily make men of good conscience participate in endeavors of evil.


In the case of the Human Rights Commissioners and Commissions, the ONLY reasons they have turned on our guarantee of Freedom of Speech, is because they are idiots, Leftists, and it makes these less than useless bureaucrats powerful beyond their measure.

That these Commissions are able to terrify those who wish to exercise their right to Freedom of Speech is a terrible black eye to our Canadian society. But, that the federal government of the day, does not simply shut them down, or cut their arbitrary power off at the knees is indeed worse.

Decades ago, I wrote that the greatest threat to Democracy as we understand it, is Democracy itself.

Through our willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate everyone and everything, we will accommodate ourselves out of our own rights.

A short while ago, the Western world was encouraged that it had finally brought Democracy to the Palestinian people. But, at the very first opportunity, the Palestinian people took their newfound freedom, and used it to elect a group (Hamas) who immediately took their freedom away.

The Palestinians did it in record time. We’re doing it gradually.

I want to go to Ottawa as your Independent Voice, which I will use across Canada if you help me win the forthcoming election. I want to stop this kind of stupidity. And I want to reclaim our country, the country our parents and grandparents struggled to build and defend.

Our current politicians are silent. The Prime Minister, when he’s not trying to buy Quebec votes is silent. Silence will kill us.

Send me to Ottawa and I will not be silent. Your voice through me will be heard throughout the country.

Thank you for reading, and for your financial support. Getting me to Parliament Hill, where I will be the voice for all like-minded Canadians will not be easy, nor will it be cheap. But it will be worth it.

This is something we all have to do together.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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