If It Was Up To The Elitists

The little country (in population) that once earned the respect of the world for its tenacity is nothing like the country my dad fought for some 60 years ago.

If Canada did not yet exist, and if it was up to the current establishment of politicians, teachers, media, unionists and others who are so like-minded, to create the country we call Canada, they couldn’t do it.

If this was 1939, and if it was up to Canada’s existing elite to make the decision and provide the wherewithal to fight the Nazis, Canada would be a bystander as the Nazis devoured Europe and beyond.

There would have been no D Day Juno Beach or Invasion of Sicily for Canada.

The little country (in population) that once earned the respect of the world for its tenacity is nothing like the country my dad fought for some 60 years ago.

Even today, when our aged Canadian veterans of World War II visit the Netherlands, they are adored and showered with kindness and gratitude for what they did. That’s what Canada used to be like.

Canada has become a country of panderers, wimps and social cowards.

We are rapidly becoming the very essence of a Nanny State, where individual rights and freedoms have to take a backseat to collective rights and the bully-rights of minorities.

Even the intrusive rights of just one member of a minority trumps the rights of the majority.

Because Sikhs are allowed to wear their Turbans in the Mounties, what will happen when a Moslem woman in the Mounties demands to wear her Hijab?

Canada, for all its richness in resources and geography will become a failed state because it has lost its passion, drive and belief in individual rights.

I used to be a Liberal.

Once upon a time, many-many years ago, I was a proud card-carrying member of the Federal and the Quebec Liberal Parties. Then I grew up and saw that Liberalism in its extreme form is social and political poison.

Liberals want the RIGHT to live their lives as they see fit. And they want the RIGHT to tell you how to live your life the way they see fit too.

Liberals are willing to sell their mothers down the river to appear to be as Liberal as they can be, as they stand for nothing, while they accommodate those who should be the least bit accommodated.

I don’t much like the American Extreme Right Wing writer and commentator Ann Coulter, but, she has a real point when she typifies Liberalism as being a disease.

I don’t think anyone can properly quantify Liberalism, since it doesn’t define itself, other than, Liberals seem to want to be loved almost more than anything. And if they could just sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya while giving hugs, I don’t think they would ever get off their collective ass.

I just wrote that Liberals wanted to be loved “ALMOST” more than anything, the almost part is exceeded only by their lust to strip away individual rights and individual successes from those who reach beyond their grasp.

When I was a boy, I remember hearing this joke about Communism: What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine. To the Liberal way of thinking, even my individual rights are theirs’. It’s no laughing matter.

As for moderate Conservatives like me, it’s easy: Less government, lower taxes, non-intrusive laws, more freedoms of speech, press, association, mobility, and the INDIVIDUAL right to succeed.

Liberals remind me of people in a restaurant, who, instead of eating what’s on their plate, are far too busy looking at what’s on everyone else’s plate.

They have a real problem minding their own business.

Canadian Conservatives are just as passionate and compassionate about issues such as healthcare for everyone, the environment, education, and homelessness, as are Liberals. Maybe even more so, since Conservatives are willing to do it for themselves, opposed to waiting for someone else to do it or pay for it for them.

Another difference between Liberals and Conservatives on these issues is that Conservatives (myself included) think professional individuals can do a much better job administrating the above, than can control-freak government bureaucrats.

Canada has been governed for far too long by Liberals and gutless (red) Conservatives who have behaved far more like Liberals, than they have like Conservatives. And it shows.

We can see it all around us. Canada stands for nothing. 3% of Canada’s population (French speakers) outside of the NATION of Quebec dictate all form of policy to the 97% majority.

Liberalism has made up – down, and left – right. It has turned light into darkness, and it has stripped the soul of our nation.

Where men and women of courage once led, it is now nameless, faceless, mean-spirited pansies in government, media, unions and our schools who are smothering us with their visionless all-controlling view of our once great nation.

Let’s change it. Let’s cut the mean-spirited pansies off at the knees. Let’s take back Canada and make things right.

On Wednesday (January 30, 2008), I will be meeting with three lawyers in Ottawa. At this meeting, we will begin the process of taking back our rights by taking back our freedom of speech, expression and association, by taking down the FORCED bilingual sign law of Casselman Ontario, where it is ILLEGAL to post a new commercial sign ONLY in the English language.

As I have written many times. I will stand for you, if you stand with me.

As always, thank you for your support. And thank you for spreading the word. No one can do this alone.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Congratulations on your move! My good friends, also in their mid-sixties, are moving to Austin as
    we speak. Northern California is just too liberal for them! Stay well, and God speed…..

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