Sleepwalking Our Way To Cultural Disaster

Why is McGuinty falling over himself to make cities like Toronto Officially bilingual?

I attended the Town Hall meeting at Russell, Monday night (January 21, 2008), where the motion to make new commercial bilingual signs legally mandatory was supposed to get its first reading.

Instead, the gutless-wonders who pass for local politicians found a weasel-way to dump it onto the shoulders of their volunteer Chamber of Commerce presidents from Embrun (French) and Russell (English).

There were the usual windbag platitudes from the Putz who serves as mayor, and a whole lot of nothing discussed by the Councilors.

While the Council spoke about signs, they never once broached the question of FREE CHOICE. They never once spoke about the freedoms of speech and association.

They spoke instead, about how bilingual signs were somehow a good thing. The only things missing from this mockery of our Constitutional Rights were the granola bars and everyone coming together to sing Kumbaya.

What they didn’t say was this:

If we pass this bilingual sign bylaw, we will COERCE YOU THROUGH FINES IF YOU DON’T OBEY! That’s what they didn’t say, even though this is what this is all about.

When I vote for a City Councilor and Mayor, I’m not voting for someone who is going to tell me how to live my life. I don’t need a politician of any degree coming into my home or into my business.

I vote for someone to make certain that the physical infrastructure of my town functions effectively at the best cost possible.

What also galls me, are that the people (Councilors and Mayor) who are making these vital decisions upon the very social and cultural character of our communities are not in the least bit qualified to do so.

Make no mistake about it, a simple unchallenged bylaw in a small Ontario hick-town can have a colossal effect right across Canada as they establish jurisprudence that other communities will follow as an example.

I walked away from this meeting in total disgust after seeing what our country has come to, that even the individual right to be of one culture (language) is no longer a guarantee.

Take away my right to be ONLY visibly English, and where does it end? And to the appeasers and French Canadians who disagree with me, what would they say if someone took away their right to be visibly French?

Who in Canada, prior to the 1970’s, would have ever believed that the unrestricted use of the English language anywhere in Canada would be against the law?

I received an email from someone who I know, who lives in Toronto, who informed me that a senior member of the Toronto City Council, who also happens to be an ex-Montrealer (just like me), whom I also happen to know, questioned my published stats on the percentage of French Speakers in Ontario.

In short – he didn’t believe me.

I sent back an email with the link to the Stats-Canada Web Site, where the breakdown between French Speakers and others is printed in black and white.

According to the 2006 demographic statistics established by the Canadian government, French Speakers in Ontario number 4% of the total Ontario population.

He didn’t believe me because he didn’t want to believe me.

I ask you these simple questions:

1 – Why are we doing this to ourselves?

2 – Why is McGuinty falling over himself to make cities like Toronto Officially bilingual?

3 – Why does the Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) of Canada aid and abet ethnocentric Franco/Canadians to push their culture upon the whole of Canada, when less than 3% (THREE PERCENT) of Canada’s population, (excluding the NATION of Quebec) are French Speaking?

If you’re OK with all of this – that’s your free choice.

But, if you think that your right to FREEDOM OF CHOICE is more important than someone else’s right to FORCE you to become like them, you’ll be just as angry and disappointed as me.

Here’s a choice for you:

Do nothing and watch your freedoms disappear. Or stand up and fight to keep what you have, and win back what we’ve already lost.

If you want to stand up and fight, then stand with me. Tell your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to do the same.


The Internet is the single best weapon we have. Let’s use it to make a difference.

As always, I thank you for reading and for your financial and moral support.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, we will miss you and the great speeches you have made here in S.D & G. Thanks to you, Long Sault is somewhat protected from mandatory bilingualism. I envy the life style you are choosing and wish you and Anne the very best that Texas can offer. Have a carefree safe trip and wonderful time in the coming months and years. Cherio for now and Shalom, Ken

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