Step By Step And It Will Be Too Late

Without appeasers and Quislings from the English-speaking majority within Canada (specifically within Quebec), Canada would be a very different country today.

It was argued long ago by Rene Levesque, that Quebec nationalism would inevitably be successful based upon a strategy of “Etapism” (gradualism – step by step). He was right.

But he wasn’t right without the help of willing English-speaking accomplices who acted in good faith based upon their deluded concept of moral generosity.

Without appeasers and Quislings from the English-speaking majority within Canada (specifically within Quebec), who for some reason believe that the rights of an insignificant minority should supersede the rights of a robust majority, Canada would be a very different country today.

Once you take the Quebec Nation out of the mix, there are less then 3% of Canada’s entire population who claim French to be their primary language. Where else in the world except in Canada, will you find 3% of the population dictating terms of mandated language, culture and domestic policies to the 97% majority?

In British Columbia last week, a group of Indian immigrants sang O’Canada in Hindi. Pardon me?

Several years ago, our Royal Canadian Mounted Police were forced to allow a Sikh the right to wear a Turban instead of the traditional Mountie Hat. Again, pardon me?

And now throughout Canada, where the French language doesn’t even register on the demographic scale, civil servants, military personnel and healthcare providers amongst just a few must be bilingual (French) to get a job, or to look forward to meaningful promotions.

Even though it pissed most of us off to hear it, when Lucien Bouchard said that “CANADA IS NOT A REAL COUNTRY” during the 1995 Quebec referendum on Separation, he was right.


I will be attending a Council meeting tonight (7pm) at the Russell Town Hall, where Councilors will vote on whether to force individuals who establish new businesses in their jurisdiction to produce signs that will be completely bilingual.

In an earlier Russell Town Hall meeting that I attended, the Mayor made a pathetic attempt to explain why forced bilingual signs are a matter of choice and respect.


How this guy came to the conclusion that forcing someone to use someone else’s language has anything to do with free choice and respect is the same type of deluded thinking that got us in this linguistic mess in the first place.

Somehow, to his way of thinking, which represents the way far too many people think, that appeasing a French speaking Ontario minority (4%), at the expense of the English speaking Ontario majority (96%), where no appeasement is necessary, is somehow a show of respect and choice.

It is nothing more, and nothing less than a show of utter stupidity.

What a Putz!

If you were to take a drive through this community (Russell), you will see a great many French ONLY signs, yet, I haven’t heard of one English speaker who has made a demand that the owners of those French ONLY signs should be ordered by the government to post their signs in English as well as French.

What really pisses me off is that I have much better things to do with my life than to fight for my right not to be ordered to look like someone else when I look in the mirror.

Instead of being at this senseless meeting this evening, I’d much rather be sitting on a sofa next to my wife watching the Sarah Connors Chronicles, since I get so little time to just kick-back and do nothing but vegetate.

But I can’t do that tonight, because a group of schmucks want to force their language and culture upon me.

Even though I am not a resident or taxpayer of Russell, I really have to be there, because, if this kind of crap is not stopped there, where will it be stopped?

Remember the STEP-BY-STEP strategy of Rene Levesque?

Thank you for reading Also; thank you for your very much-needed financial support. Fighting for our rights is not free.

If all goes well, my newest book, CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY, will be published and available within 4 weeks. I will use the sales of this book to help finance the activism that will make a difference for all of us across Canada.

Please keep spreading the word.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter into the ‘rest’ of your LORD!”
    I am so glad for you two = you have been a ‘light’ in the midst of chaos’,
    but also a flag bearer for freedom . . . BE BLESSED!

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