Now It’s A St Boniface Hospital

What we do to save our country from reverse discrimination and the bully tactics of less than 4% of our population is up to you, and to you alone.

I received a check from an Ottawa Civil Servant (federal) who lost out because he couldn’t speak French. He’s only one of thousands of English speakers who will not have the chance to advance because they can’t communicate properly in the French language.

In his letter, he tells me that he has seen a great many English speakers denied jobs and promotions because they couldn’t communicate adequately in the French language.

He also said he saw many French speakers get jobs they didn’t deserve, only because they could communicate in the French language.

This is happening right across Canada at all government agencies including the military. We have become so politically correct to French speakers in the Rest of Canada that we can’t even see how racist it is.

By making it near impossible for English speakers to get ahead in the federal and Ontario government agencies because federal and Ontario politicians will do anything for French votes, thousands of qualified people are losing their jobs and opportunities.

And we’re getting stuck with less talented civil servants.

This would be sick enough if there was some reason for this reverse discrimination. But when you consider that French speakers number less than 4% in all of Canada excluding Quebec, it is an outrage.

Here are a few questions no one seems to ever ask their politicians:

1 – Of what need do we in the Rest of Canada (excluding Quebec) have for the French language?

2 – How does the French language make Canada a more unified country?

3 – Are cities and provinces that do business exclusively in the English language somehow disadvantaged?

4 – If Quebec were out of Confederation, would anyone give a damn if French was never heard or seen again in the Rest of Canada?

5 – Why should the Rest of Canada care about what Quebec wants?

As I’ve written countless times, I would be against any legislation that would forbid or restrict the use of the French language in the Rest of Canada. But that’s not what this is all about.

This is about majority rights. This is about the rights of the majority to live in the language and the culture that makes them (us) feel comfortable.

French language nationalists have won their long time battle to make Quebec exclusively French. And now that they’ve won that, they want to expand their influence and unfair advantage throughout the rest of Canada.

We have choices:

We can do and say nothing and watch our country go down the drain because the best people won’t get the jobs due to their inability to communicate in the French language.

We can do the politically correct thing and educate our children in a language that will get them nowhere, just so we can appear to be culturally and linguistically generous.

We can watch as French-speaking Quebecers control more of Canada. Where domestic and foreign policy is dictated more out of Quebec City than it is out of Ottawa.

We can continue to spend TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to buy off bankrupt Quebec.


What we do to save our country from reverse discrimination and the bully tactics of less than 4% of our population outside of Quebec is up to you, and to you alone.

Do nothing and we will get what we get. Get involved. Donate money. Donate time. Donate effort. And spread the word. And we will get what we earn.

We’ve been brainwashed into believing that we are racists if we want to protect the majority language and culture our parents, grandparents and great grandparents gave us.

Fighting for your right to be visible in the language of the majority is nothing to be ashamed of. Trying to bully other people to be like you is.

Passing racist language laws as Quebec has done is shameful. FORCING individuals to post bilingual signs is abhorrent (Casselman and Clarence Rockland Ontario). Turning “Anglos” away at FRENCH ONLY health clinics is repugnant (Cornwall Ontario). Segregating buses by French parents and French schools to keep French kids away from their English friends is deplorable (Alexandria Ontario).

Fighting for your rights to be English speaking in all aspects of your life is not being a racist. Fighting for a 96% linguistic majority not to be bullied by a 4% minority is nothing to be ashamed of.

Not fighting for your rights is something to be ashamed of.

I read in today’s Montreal Gazette (January 5, 2008) that the Manitoba St Boniface Hospital will squeeze out English speaking nurses who can’t communicate properly in the French language, for nurses who can.

Do you think this linguistic racism isn’t going to come knocking at your door?

Here are two simple choices:

1) Do nothing, say nothing and get nothing.

2) Support any way you can and get into the fight.

I am working on a new book I hope to distribute to all the homes in the riding (Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry) where I intend to run once the writ is dropped for the next federal election.

I will use this short book to state our case and why we need real change in the makeup of Canada. And why Canada is not a bilingual country.

I want to begin making campaign signs to be displayed on the lawns of like-minded people before the election is called.

I want to be campaigning and going door-to-door long before the writ is dropped. If you want to win, your best hope is that I win.

And I’m not just writing about winning “my” riding. This is about Canada. If I win, all of Canada gets an independent voice that will not be silenced. If I win, Canada will have a champion that will fight for our rights not to be bullied by the minority.

If I win, we all win. But I cannot win without you. I need you to help finance the book I want to distribute as well as the lawn signs I want to start placing now.

I thank everyone for their financial support. I thank the people who are offering their physical support in time and effort. But it’s not enough. If we’re going to win, we will need an army of supporters.

Please, if you want a voice to represent you throughout Canada, spread the word and get more people involved. That’s the only way we’re all going to win together.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Best of luck to you. If you happen to pass thru (or near) Plattsburgh on your way south, it would be great to have you stop and visit for a few minutes.

    We plan on being away for nearly all of October, but otherwise Monica and never stray far.


    Wally Day

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