Irredeemable People Irredeemable Nations

I’m thinking: What would Israel look like in 10 years, if the Arabs were to somehow take control of this magnificent country much like the African Blacks did in Rhodesia and South Africa?

Almost 10 years ago, I wrote an editorial slamming the incredible waste of Canadian Tax Dollars Chretien and other Prime Ministers had flushed down the toilet we call Africa.

I explained in this editorial that Africa is a social and political wasteland no one could redeem. That the culture of the continent is so screwed up and broken that all the money in the world couldn’t fix it.

I also wrote that the Blacks who took over White ruled Rhodesia and White ruled South Africa would inevitably destroy those once ultra prosperous countries.

A few of my readers were so upset with what I had written at that time, which is the same as I’ve just written, that they accused me of being a racist.

The response from some of my “supporters” was nothing short of indignation. They demanded an apology.

I didn’t apologize because I wasn’t being a racist.

I was writing it just as it was. Ten years later (today), in spite of the many hundreds of billions of dollars the Do Nothing Do Gooders pumped into that continent, things are not getting better.

They are in fact getting much worse.

Zimbabwe, which used to be called Rhodesia, is a basket case suffocating under its own totalitarian weight. Where Rhodesia used to be the African breadbasket, it now desperately needs international charity just to keep its people from starving to death.

Where Rhodesia was dotted throughout its landmass with picture perfect farms, it is now a nation where the farms are nothing more than fields of weeds with broken equipment that tell the tale of once upon a time modernity and success.

South Africa was a wealthy, modern, sophisticated country with great promise, where law and order reigned supreme.

Today, South Africa has become a corrupt and lawless society where it is not necessarily safe anywhere. In fact, South Africa was recently considered the most dangerous country in the world that is not at war.

While it is true that Rhodesia and South Africa were racist States where Blacks were denied those basic human rights we take for granted, they were nonetheless paradise for those Blacks who lived there under White rule in comparison to what exists today.

I am not condoning racism, Apartheid or any other form of endemic discrimination. I am only writing what was, and what is the truth today, as the incontrovertible facts on the ground attest.

As I am writing this, I am thinking about Israel and the Arab States that surround this tiny Democracy. Specifically, I’m thinking about the untold billions of dollars the so-called Palestinians have flushed down their toilet of greed, corruption, terror, murder and mayhem.

I’m thinking: What would Israel look like in 10 years, if the Arabs were to somehow take control of this magnificent country much like the African Blacks did in Rhodesia and South Africa?

Anyone reading this knows the answer. Yet the world continues to pour enormous amounts of money into this bottomless pit of inhumanity. And continuously implore Israel to sacrifice itself much like the world demanded of Rhodesia and South Africa not that long ago.

A huge difference between Israel and the former White ruled African countries, is that Israel is not a racist State that restricts the rights and opportunities of its Arab citizens.

In fact, in Israel, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. There are no Jim Crow type laws. And contrary to Leftist anti-Israel and anti-Semitic opinion, there is no Apartheid in Israel.

That the Israelis have constructed a security wall around their country to protect their people from Arab murderers is nothing less than any country would do in a similar situation.

And to those Israel-bashers (in Canada and the USA for example) who love to liken Israel’s security wall to Apartheid; what about the US/Canadian border that separates our two people; or the US/Mexican border?

Do our borders make Canada and the USA Apartheid States?

In spite of all the overwhelming evidence that screams the truth and reality of the Arab countries and what happened to Rhodesia and South Africa under similar circumstances, the world is nonetheless doing its very best to do to Israel what it did to those two countries.

In Rhodesia, where the farming conditions could not be better, the Blacks have all but buried the farming industry into oblivion.

In South Africa, a country that abounds with the greatest depth of national resources and wealth just to be pulled from the ground, the Blacks have created a lawless society that is marching inextricably towards anarchy.

In other African countries such as Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and more, the only currency is that of the gun. These are all terribly failed States that have received untold numbers of billions of dollars in foreign aid. And look at them.

What does Israel have that would make the Arabs rich and successful if they took it over?

Other than what can be painstakingly conserved from the Sea of Galilee, Israel has no natural water to speak of. Without Israeli desalination plants working overtime, Israel would not have enough water to maintain itself.

There is no wealth that anyone knows about under the ground. There is no gold, silver, diamonds, oil or anything else of value.

There is no agricultural industry in Israel that is not fully supported by complicated technology and human care. Yet, Israel is a major producer of fresh fruits, vegetables and cut flowers that are exported worldwide.

The beautiful planted forests in Israel exist only because of tremendous work and perseverance.

We saw what the Arabs did with the Israeli built greenhouses in Gaza when the Israelis left. They did to those farming industries what the Blacks did to the White owned Rhodesian farms.

I don’t have to draw a picture of what Israel and the Palestinian territories would look like if the Israelis were driven out of their country. The picture has already been drawn in Rhodesia, and is being drawn in South Africa.

So why does Condoleezza Rice want to do to Israel what the world did to Rhodesia and South Africa, especially since Israel is a free and democratic State for all of its citizens including Arabs?

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