The Very Unnecessary Presidential God-Factor

Here’s the part where I am a Liberal-thinking Conservative:

There isn’t very much in the world that matches the importance of who will win the American White House, since it will be the President of the United States of America who will be the world’s Champion for Freedom.

Although the US election is strictly an American “thing”, who wins has global consequences. As a Canadian, those consequences are very much close to home since we in Canada are awash with American culture and trade.

For Israel for instance, who is the American President can be a matter of national life or death.

And for the rest of the world, how America goes, is how the world will go. So, what happens in the USA during this election season should be of great concern to everyone.

Like many “New Conservatives”, I don’t like the direction our politicians and judiciary have taken in Canada or the USA. We see our individual rights evaporating before our eyes. Everyday is a new day of government rules and regulations that propel us even more so into a “Nanny State”.

It’s not good.

Generally speaking, it is the Leftists who want to strip away individual rights and replace them with collective rights. It is they who want more freedom of government, and less freedom of the individual.

To a great extent, that’s why I am a Conservative.

But I’m a “New Conservative”. I want less government. I want no intrusions into my personal life and affairs. I think I can spend my money better than the government can. I would want my children (if I had children) taught honest history, geography, reading, writing and arithmetic.

I would want my children to learn all about the political and judicial processes too. But I would not want my children brainwashed with social and political ideologies of the adults who are teaching them.

I would want my children to understand that they have an obligation to keep the world environmentally clean. I would also want them to know through practical hands-on experience that they have a responsibility to help those people who need help and cannot help themselves.

Just as important, I would want my children to fully understand and appreciate the concept of INDIVIDUAL reward in direct relationship for hard work and sacrifice.

Just as I would want them to understand that no one owes them anything, they conversely don’t owe anything to anyone who won’t make the personal effort.

Here’s the part where I am a Liberal-thinking Conservative:

I believe that women must have the right to choose between ending a pregnancy in the first few weeks of the birth process.

I believe we must allow assisted mercy killings when a person can no longer function whatsoever, and has left a living will to end it. We don’t let our animals suffer, so why should we demand that our human love-ones must exist or linger in misery when they decide not to?

I believe that all aspects of healthcare should be managed privately and paid for by the State through a yearend means tax. Just as I believe prescription drugs should be free as well, also to be paid by a yearend means tax.

Education must be entirely free (books and all) right up to university. But for many young people, we should be putting far more emphasis on “Trade Schools” and “Apprenticeship Programs” than we do on university.

I believe the State should NOT fund any religious schools. And all schools should be Secular. If a parent is so-inclined to teach religion, religious education could be taught after school, at home, and/or in a house of worship. But not in tax funded schools.

Sex education should include all options including abstinence, and protection if abstinence isn’t what one chooses.

So here’s the rub:

I want to vote for someone who is a Liberal Conservative, who is not going to get in my face and spend my money as if it is his or hers. But at the same time, someone who will take care of the truly needed social obligations such as healthcare and education.

These are critical issues most people want their politicians to deal with. Unfortunately though, most of the politicians are too busy trying to placate their narrow political base.

When a politician like Huckabee, runs in his words, as a True Christian Candidate, he’s lost me. So have all the others who run on their religious credentials.

I have no interest in voting for a Minister, a Priest, a Rabbi or a Mullah. I want to vote for a Candidate who wants to be the leader of his or her country with no reference whatsoever to his or her religion.

When we start comparing candidates based upon who is the most sincere Christian or Jew or Moslem, where does that make us any different to the Islamo-Fascists we detest so much?

Not that it means anything, even to my many American readers, but if I had a vote in the US Primaries and the November election, the person who stands closest to the things I believe in is America’s Mayor Rudi Giuliani.

Thank you for reading, and for all of your financial support. It is very much appreciated. Please spread the word.

Happy New Year to everyone who deserves happiness. And to everyone else, may they have the year they deserve.

Also, thank you to the many people who have ordered my new book Champion Kharma. If you haven’t already received your book in the mail, it will be at your door within a few days.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Welcome to Texas! You made the right decision. We will be neighbors (almost). We live between Austin and Houston in Cat Spring. It thrilled me to hear Texas was your choice. You really won’t be disappointed. We are life-long Texans and would not move ever. The only problem we foresee is that it is getting really crowded here lately. Everyone else has the same idea. We don’t mind except we don’t won’t people coming down here trying to change things. Too much change already.

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