Are You Frightened To Fight For Your Rights?

Canada has lost a century of potential, because we bent over backward to accommodate those who never deserved our sacrifice.

I will be in the Township of Russell Ontario this evening (Tuesday, December 18, 2007) at 7:00 o’clock as an observer and supporter of those, who like me, do not want someone else’s language shoved down their throat.

I will be there to see for myself how the ethnocentric Franco-Ontarian machine works to give them visibility at the expense of others.

I want to know how they justify forcing their culture upon us.

I want to know first-hand, so when I take them to task for being French cultural bullies and bigots in the Court Of Law, and the Court of Public Opinion, there will be no doubts.

We have developed into a country where minorities have become bullies extraordinaire. If we demand not to be forced to live and work in the French language, we are called racists.

If we raise our voices against Islamo-Fascism, we are called intolerant, and are very likely to be taken to a Canadian Human Rights Commission, where our RIGHT to FREEDOM of SPEECH is squashed like you’d squash a bug.


As I have written many times on this Web Page, I will sue these communities, which believe they have the right to take away my FREEDOMS of SPEECH, EXPRESSION and ASSOCIATION.

I will take them to court any-which-way I can. And I will do it with the help of people who care as much about their INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as I do.

I will also run for Political Office as an Independent Candidate in the Riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry.

Will you be there with me? Will you help raise the money I will need to win? Will you distribute information, knock on doors and make phone calls?

Will you give me something of yourself, so I can give you all of myself?

What is happening throughout Canada in terms of promoting minority “rights”, above and beyond the rights of the majority is an aberration to the reasons why our fathers and grandfathers went to so many wars.

It flies in the face of our brave Canadian troops who are laying it on the line in places like Afghanistan, so others can be free from despotism, while we welcome and practice minority inspired despotism at home in Canada.

It doesn’t matter where you live in this country, your RIGHT to INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM is on the alter of Liberal collectivity, and a corrupted concept of rights for bully minorities at the expense of rights for the majority.

I receive support from every part of Canada where people understand that their RIGHTS are just as much at risk as mine are in the South Eastern Ontario Community of South Glengarry where we live.

When Quebec’s ethnocentric nationalists took Quebec and the rest of Canada by storm, most people convinced themselves that this was no big deal.


From what wasn’t a big deal, came laws that forbid the unrestricted use of the English language in Quebec.

Laws were passed that made it illegal to package anything throughout Canada without French on the packaging.

Canada’s domestic and foreign policies have been at the mercy of what Quebec wants.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been thrown into the garbage heap of make-believe Official Bilingualism.

And Canada has lost a century of potential, because we bent over backward to accommodate those who never deserved our sacrifice.


With your financial and physical help this will end now.

With your support we can make certain that we all have a voice in Ottawa that stands up for our RIGHTS to be a majority free from minority bullies.

I will do whatever I can to end forced bilingualism throughout Canada.

I will do whatever I can to help Quebec leave Confederation.

I will do whatever I can to make certain that immigrants who come to our country become like us, rather than us being forced to become like them.

I will not be quiet or silenced by political correctness on the alter of national cowardice to speak about the things that matter most to people who truly want to be free.

Minority racists, bigots and bullies will not intimidate me.

It starts tonight in the Town of Russell Ontario, where I will be there to show the colors of CANADIAN MAJORITY RIGHTS. If you can make it to the Russell Town Hall for 7:00 o’clock this evening, you should be there too.

If you think your rights are worth defending, and want to throw a blow for your FREEDOM to be an INDIVIDUAL, and a member of the majority, you should consider supporting my fight for you.

You can support Galganov Dot Com. To do so, just click on the HOW TO SUPPORT GALGANOV DOT COM link at the bottom of this page.

This isn’t just my fight.

As always, I thank you for reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your financial support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard: Godspeed to you and Anne! If my grandkids weren’t in CA and CO, I might be moving to Texas as well. I understand your reasoning and support it. I also support why you don’t want to come to CA; we are indeed like a granola here: full of nuts and flakes.

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