Oprah Has Screwed Herself And Obama

I think both of them are as phony as $3 dollar bills

As usual, the media either misses the point, or is too politically correct or timid to say what really should be said. In this case, it is about Oprah and her new pet project Obama.

All we hear about from the media is the “Oprah Factor” – How Oprah can take a completely unknown author and make his or her book a literary sensation overnight.

Or that 8 million people watch and adore Oprah everyday on her television show.

HERE’S A NEWS FLASH: Not everyone likes Oprah.

I think Oprah is a self-centered entertainer who is far more about herself, than she is about the causes she supposedly cares so much about.

Oprah is a billionaire. How can she be a billionaire when there are so many worthwhile places for her to put most of her money?

Oprah is a hero for opening up an elitist all-girls school in Africa. Whoop-dee-doo!

All that tells me is that she is a bigot who thinks African girls who are not gifted should be on their own, and that African boys don’t even register.

What about all the kids in America who really need help, especially Black kids? Where’s Oprah on that?

If Oprah was anything like her hype, she’d be just a millionaire, with her billions going to make a real difference where it counts.

That 8 million people watch Oprah everyday, only tells me that there are more than 300 million people who do not. I bet there are a huge number of people out there who are just like me, who think Oprah is a phony.

It’s also interesting how Oprah’s audience seems to be a demographic composition of predominantly White middle-income women. But, when she stumps for Obama, she takes on the persona of a black preacher-woman with a Southern accent.

When Hillary Clinton did that, she was pummeled in the media. The big difference is that Clinton lived for many years in the Southern State of Arkansas, while Oprah is strictly a Chicago person.

At the very least, Hillary has earned the Southern accent.

The best description for Oprah that comes to mind is an Oreo Cookie: White on the inside when it comes to her fan base. And Black on the outside when she “sort of” stands up for “safe” Black issues.

When Oprah took to the stage to stump for Obama, it was all about her. She was the focus, not Obama.

The people came to see and hear her. Not Obama.

In Oprah’s media world, no one will take her on and call her for what she is, since it’s all about staged entertainment. But, now that she’s left her safe little world, where Queen Oprah reigns supreme, to enter a totally different world where she will be targeted by the best, it will be rock and roll.

By entering the political arena on the side of Obama, she’s dropped the gauntlet at the feet of the Clinton machine. They won’t be kind. To the Clintons, Oprah is just another enemy to face in their fight to re-win the White House.

Where Obama had only his competence, experience and ability to defend, he now has to worry about how well Oprah will fare under the bare-knuckled political grind. If Oprah goes down, so does he.

But there’s another reality: If Obama goes down, in some respects, so does Oprah.

My feeling is this: Hillary Clinton will beat the Oprah/Obama road show. It won’t be easy, but I think it will be done. But if she doesn’t, the Republican nominee will.

I’m betting that the number of people who don’t like Oprah, coupled to the number of people who are very leery about Obama, will add up to a disaster for both of them, but more so for Obama.

Oprah will be bruised and battered; but will have her fan base to come home to. Barak Obama on the other hand will simply be the star-candidate who lost with the help of Oprah.

And since I think both of them are as phony as $3 dollar bills – good.

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Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. (Had to correct the grammatical errors in previous comment)

    This is payback for all your hard work and devotion to you life’s purpose and opportunities and to your devotion to spreading your influence for a decent, moral, accountable and caring society…I’m envious but also very glad for you…all I have to say s that for rest you have left…enjoy…enjoy…enjoy with all your heart and soul!!!

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