Once Again It’s Israel Against The World

Very few countries would shed a tear if the State that belongs to the Jewish people were to be wiped off the map. That includes much of Europe, Asia and South America.

Not only are Bush and Rice playing an unfair game of hardball with Israel, concerning more concessions Israel must sacrifice in order to make a phony peace deal with a phony people (Palestinians), the NIE (National Intelligence Estimates) has made it so Israel must stand totally alone against Iran.

From what I understand, the NIE is the collaborative thought of all of America’s intelligent agencies. Therefore, the NIE speaks for everyone.

This past week, the NIE said that Iran had dropped its nuclear arms program in 2003; therefore, one must assume Iran is no longer an immediate nuclear threat.

But Iran has not stopped its nuclear enrichment program, which is the hardest part of making a nuclear bomb.

As I understand it, a nuclear military capability requires three things:

Of the three components, Iran already has the delivery system.

The second component is the nuclear material, which is being made at a feverish pace in Iran’s centrifuge facilities.

The third component is the exploding device that can be built in Iran, or acquired through North Korea or Pakistan. I believe this part of the puzzle is not as complicated as the first two.

For what we know, they might already have all three components. Or be on the cusp of having all three.

What the NIE did to Israel was nothing short of telling the Jewish State that they are on their own. If Bush had any ideas of taking Iran out based upon their nuclear program, that option no longer exists for the USA.

But it has to exist for Israel.

Israel cannot take the chance that the NIE is wrong. Or that the Iranians are making nuclear material for their own “peaceful” energy purposes without any thought of making atomic bombs.

I’m a literal person. Iran has repeatedly promised to kill Israel. Or stated more bluntly in a declared quote: “Israel must be wiped off the map”.

So, when Iran says this, I believe them. I believe that every Arab and Moslem country with the possible exception of Turkey, would rejoice at the total destruction of Israel.

Very few countries would shed a tear if the State that belongs to the Jewish people were to be wiped off the map. That includes much of Europe, Asia and South America.

Israel is very much on its own, and has always been on its own, but never more so then it is right now.

Iran cannot be allowed to develop an atomic capability that I believe they will surely use to wipe Israel off the map, even if it means much of Iran will be destroyed in a counter nuclear blow from Israel.

We’ve seen enough Arab and Moslem men, women and children commit suicide just to murder “non-believers”.

I cannot imagine a whole Moslem nation like Iran, hesitating, even for a second, because of their own imminent death, if they truly believed they could literally “fry” the country of Israel and all the Jews within it.

The NIE finding puts the full onus of dealing with a nuclear-armed Iran squarely upon the shoulders of the tiny State of Israel.

In an unfair world, this tops the cake.

Israel cannot, and must not wait for another assessment from the NIE that says the first assessment was wrong. Israel does not have the luxury of making such a dire mistake.

Another thing Israel cannot do, is make the fatal error of waiting too long to take action against Iran. If ever there was a time for rock-steady courage in leadership, this is it.

This is the moment that will define whether Israel still has the resolve to do what has to be done for Israel to survive.

Just like 1939-1945, when Europe and the rest of the world stood-by while the Nazis murdered Europe’s Jews, the world is standing-by while Iran makes plans to finish the “job” in the Middle East, that Hitler couldn’t totally finish in Europe.

It’s too bad that so little has changed from the time the Jews were last thrown out of their ancestral homes by the Romans in 71 AD, to present day.

At best, the world doesn’t give a damn. At worst, the world will be openly celebrating the death of Israel if it comes to that.

The specter of evil is in unlimited supply. And those who are willing to do battle against evil are in very LIMITED supply.

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Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is payback for all your hard work and devotion to you life’s purpose and opportunity and to you devotion to spreading your influence for a decent, moral, accountable and caring society…I’m envious but also very glad for you…all I have to that is for rest you have left…enjoy…enjoy…enjoy with all your heart and soul!!!

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