Wanting To Be Free Of Quebec Does Not Make One A Racist

Why is it that I am a racist to ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists because I do not want to finance and support an ungrateful minority culture that wants to have more than me?

I‘ve received a number of angry emails from French Quebecers who are happy to call me a racist and a bigot. A few actually thanked me for writing the kind of stuff they believe will hasten Quebec’s departure from the Rest of Canada (ROC).

One young man who was finishing his last year of CEGEP (Quebec college) wrote that the sooner Quebec leaves Canada, the sooner Quebec can live up to its potential.

The very first thing I said to this writer was that I am old enough to be his father, and as a native Montrealer, I remember what Montreal was like before ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism became Quebec’s new religion.

Before French supremacy in Quebec, Montreal was one of the 4 fashion capitals of the world. Montreal was headquarters to the largest distiller and vineyard owner in the world. Before it was called Rue St Jacques, it was called St James Street, and was Canada’s financial capitol. Today, by comparison, it’s nothing.

Before ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists began their successful quest to erase the incredible contributions of non-French Montrealers, there was the construction of downtown Montreal, built with English money, including the fabulous Place Ville Marie, Canada’s ONLY underground city.

There were the great endearing sports teams like the Expos, the Alouettes and the Montreal Canadians, all of which were owned and financed by English money.

There were great restaurants known worldwide. And Montreal was a tourist Mecca, not just to bargain seekers, but to great names in the arts and entertainment.

This very bilingual French CEGEP kid has no idea what Quebec used to be.

He doesn’t know how spectacular Montreal was before the French speakers of Quebec, who somehow thought they merited a marked PREDOMINANCE over all non-French speakers killed it for everyone.

He can’t possibly understand what he lost because of French language racism that drove away as many as a half million English speakers. He only knows what he thinks Quebec could become without the ROC.

The fact that people like him think I am the racist is another stupid delusion.

If I demanded the eradication of the French language, culture, history, and for Anglos to have a marked predominance over French speakers, I would indeed earn the title of being a racist.

But I never suggested such a thing. Nor would I support it.

As a matter of fact, I can tell you without equivocation, that I would fight any Bill 101 language-type law that would do to French Canadians outside of Quebec, what French Quebecers have done to English Canadians within Quebec.


That I am so fed-up with the insults, whining and demands of French Quebec, and a number of French speakers outside of Quebec does not make me a racist. It just makes me fed-up.

That I want to end this language and cultural sickness once and for all does not make me a racist. It just makes me someone who accepts the French Canadian view that we just can’t live together unless we (the ROC) agree to live by “their” rules.

I see no reason why 95% of Canada’s population must dance to the tune of LESS than 5% of French Canadians living outside of Quebec.

I have said it for years: CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY. This most recent federal government survey has removed all doubt.

So why are we still pretending?

Why is it that I am a racist to ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists because I do not want to finance and support an ungrateful minority culture that wants to have more than me?

There is only one-way to end this: CANADA MUST LEAVE QUEBEC.

Ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists have destroyed the city of my birth as I remember it.

The silence of French Quebecers who are not supportive of ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism makes them equally culpable for not speaking-up. And the cowardly appeasement by Quebec’s English speaking communities and media has been the disgraceful hammer hitting the nails on the coffin.

All that said: At this stage in our history, the damage is done, and there is no turning back. What’s left for us, is to understand what happened, and why it happened, and make sure that it does not continue to happen in the ROC.

To stop the spread of unfair Franco-Affirmative Action in Canada, we have to stand up and fight, which is something we have NEVER done in the ROC.

We have to stop pretending that Canada is a bilingual country. And we have to shuck the lie that we are racists for defending our own rights to be English speaking.

And here is a really strange concept for you to ponder: What ever happened to the concepts of majority rule and representation by population?

If you want to be just a voyeur watching other people fight for your rights, or if you’re too stupid to understand the consequences of doing nothing, read someone else’s Blog.

But, if you think standing up for yourself and your country is something that we should all be doing, you’ll support this Web Site and our goal to take two Ontario communities to Court for making it ILLEGAL to post an English ONLY sign outside of Quebec in Ontario.

As always, I thank you for reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your financial support. Please spread the word so other people can also become involved.

It is only through numbers that we will be able to end this nonsense and begin to give ourselves the government we deserve.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard i have been reading you for years and felt many others were providing sufficient feedback, but now that you have made your plans clear i simply want to wish you and Anne well in Austin a town my wife and i love. Texas is a REAl US state with the correct values.
    Best wishes and keep up your great fights.

    GG from Newmarket

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