Canada Is Still Not A Bilingual Country

What is it about appointees like Fraser and politicians who have bought into the big lie that Canada is a bilingual country?

Graham Fraser, Canada’s Official Languages Commissioner, who is in reality French Canada’s Official Language Commissioner, since his office will do nothing to aid English speakers in Quebec, said:

“I find it difficult to understand how one can play a national leadership role without being able to communicate with all Canadians.”

I agree. That’s why Quebec should go its own way while the rest of Canada goes our own way. I don’t want to vote for someone to represent me because he or she can speak French. I want to vote for the best person possible who can speak to me in English.

It’s interesting how not one of Canada’s Language Commissioners ever worried about English speaking Quebecers who were, and are still made to be linguistically and culturally invisible by Quebec law.

The more people like Fraser argue for more French language programs and French language Affirmative Action in the REST OF CANADA (ROC), the more I believe Canada should say goodbye to Quebec.

The sooner the better.

What is it about appointees like Fraser and politicians who have bought into the big lie that Canada is a bilingual country?

The closest Canada ever was to being a bilingual country was before Quebec’s racist language laws (Bill 22 and Bill 101) drove away as many as a half million English speakers.

That Quebec, with about 95% of all of Canada’s French speakers is officially a French ONLY province, where does Fraser, his predecessors, and the Prime Minister get off saying that Canada is a bilingual country?

How can Canada be a bilingual country when the unrestricted use of the English language in Canada’s second most populated province is AGAINST THE LAW?

Why should I pay to promote a language and a culture (French) that is not mine, but is to my detriment, in a country that likes to play make-believe?

Here’s a reality:

If not for the vote-rich province of Quebec, there would be no Official Languages Commissioner. There would be no debate about official bilingualism. There would be no French Language Affirmative Action. There would be French Quebec and English Canada.

It boggles my mind how we as English speaking Canadians have bent-over in the name of political correctness to appease French Quebec.

If the French language cannot sustain itself, why should I care?

More importantly: Why should the weakness of the French language within the ROC become my burden?

Most important: Why should I be made to pay for another culture to have an unfair advantage over me?


If Quebec was out of Confederation, we would not have wasted hundreds billions of dollars in cash and productivity over the past few generations. We would not be having this useless debate. And all levels of our governments would be focused on far more important issues.

To say that Quebec has been a financial, cultural and personal drain on Canada is an understatement. Quebec has drained this country into mediocrity.

Instead of our politicians kissing Quebec’s ass in order to win votes, in the delusion that Canada is a bilingual country, shouldn’t our politicians be investing their time to end the debate by ending our relationship with Quebec?

A separation between Quebec and the ROC can be civilized.

All Canadians living within Quebec would maintain their Canadian citizenship, even the most hardcore separatists. They would be living in the sovereign state of Quebec as Quebecois, but would still be Canadians just as the many Canadians who live abroad and maintain their citizenship.

But living outside of Canada (in Quebec) would not allow them to vote in federal elections or enjoy Canadian social and financial services unless they moved to Canada where they would have to live for 6 months before their national rights would kick-in.

Their children would also retain their Canadian citizenship. But that would be it. All future Quebecois citizens (born or immigrated) would have no relationship to Canada. Not even the newborn children of Quebec/Canadian citizens unless the parents declared themselves to be Canadian.

No dual citizenship.

Instead of Ottawa forcing bilingualism upon a country that is not in the least bit bilingual, Ottawa would do far better putting that same effort in negotiating the separation of Canada from Quebec.

To get this ball rolling, the first thing we have to do is demonstrate the folly of the Canada is bilingual delusion. We have to wake up the country to the costs of this pretense in dollars, emotions and lifestyle.

After years of resisting Quebec’s war against Canada and the English speaking population within Quebec, I’ve come to believe that Quebec’s Separatists are absolutely and fundamentally right. Quebec must leave Canada.

Or more appropriately: CANADA MUST LEAVE QUEBEC.

As always, I thank you for reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your financial support. Please spread the word so other people can also become involved. It is only through numbers that we will be able to end this nonsense and begin to give ourselves the government we deserve.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good to hear your plans. We have spent the last thirteen winters in Arizona, and love the winters there. Be aware that although Ontario allows you seven months out of province, US Immigration only allows 183 days per calendar year. If you stay longer, you will get a call from US Border services not to enter the US for one year, and if you try it twice, you will not be allowed into the US ever again! Now Canadian and US border services have joined computer access and are keeping track. Good luck.

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