A Reversal Of Truth

The Langevin types are very serious problems, since it is they who are the worst kind of liars, cowards and bigots.

I received an email from ‘Famille Langevin’ saying: “Clearly you are a first class red neck!”

Mr, Mrs, or Ms Langevin didn’t bother to sign his or her name to his or her slur. What does that say about him or her?

Langevin is upset with me because I don’t want to look like him or her (linguistically or culturally) when I look in the mirror. From my most recent editorials, I can’t imagine why else he or she might think I am a “first class redneck”.

The best game played by people like Langevin is REVERSAL OF TRUTH.

He or she has no idea who I am, and what I stand for, other than I stand against his or her belief that I should be promoting his or her language and his or her culture at my own expense.

Because I stand for me, he or she paints me as being a red neck. But he or she is not alone.

The Montreal English language media much preferred (and still does) to appease French language bigots, rather than take them on. They didn’t want to be called red necks.

They called me an extremist, a hardliner and an Angryphone. I understand their motives, because if I wasn’t all of those things they said I was; what would that make them – cowards?

They made it all about me so it wouldn’t be all about them. THEY REVERSED THE TRUTH.

Let’s get some facts straight.

I am not against unrestricted personal and business use of the French language by anyone in Canada – anywhere in Canada. I would NEVER support a Bill 101 type language law that would make the use of the French language ILLEGAL anywhere in Canada.

But Langevin seems to have no trouble whatsoever supporting a language law that does just that, against English speakers within Quebec.


Here’s a little history about me for Langevin:

I’ve donated my time, even as a teenager to years of coaching and directing minor league sports in both languages.

In the mid 1980’s, I created a multi-million dollar campaign to protect battered women, specifically in the province of Quebec. Not only did I create this campaign that included major sponsors, I also put my money where my mouth was in terms of giving substantial cash and services.

During my years as a radio talk-show host in Montreal (1997-1999), I raised substantial awareness and big money to feed children, house the homeless, give aid and sustenance to the elderly and fight for animal rights.

To this day, my friend Adrian Bercovici of “Generations” feeds as many as 7,000 Montreal area school children (everyday), as a result of what we started doing together while I was on-air.

Every year, Anne and I donate money to the Montreal Jewish General Hospital that serves the greatest cultural diversity in Quebec. We do the same with the Alexandria Hospital serving the communities where we live.

We give money to the Montreal SPCA and to the Cornwall SPCA. And just recently, in the past month, we took a meaningful amount of money out of our pockets to save an abused mule.

Even this morning; before I froze my ass-off blowing snow out of my 300 foot driveway, I froze my ass-off blowing snow out of my neighbor’s very long driveway because he is elderly, and it’s the right thing for me to have done.

Does Langevin think I give a damn what language my neighbor speaks in order to help him out? I bet you Langevin wouldn’t take it upon himself to freeze his ass-off to do a Mitzvah (an unsolicited act of kindness).

Langevin should note this:

1 – None of the money I have ever raised or donated came from any government source anywhere. I believe we are all responsible for our own actions – not the government.

2 – I have NEVER questioned the language, the race, the culture or the gender of anyone I have helped, or will ever help.

My question to Langevin, who doesn’t have enough courage or politeness to sign his or her name to his or her insult is this: What has he or she ever done for society?

Here’s a real truth opposed to Langevin’s reversal of truth: It is he or she who is indeed a red neck for not supporting my right to enjoy and exercise my personal freedom to live, work and manage my company in the language of my choice.

The Langevin types are very serious problems, since it is they who are the worst kind of liars, cowards and bigots. Together, not only can we fight them, we can make them as irrelevant as they should be.

Galganov Dot Com is receiving financial support everyday, but not enough to bring our fight for individual language rights to court. Hopefully, if enough people continue to help, we’ll get the job done sooner rather than later.

If you’ve just logged onto Galganov.com and are not aware of the reason for this editorial content, take a look at the more recent ARCHIVES.

As always, I thank you for reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan. There’s much to like about Texas. I’d ask to go along, but at an active age of 81, guess I’ll have to stay here in CT.
    Be well, be happy, be controversial.

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