Canada Is Not A Bilingual Country

How can Canada possibly be a bilingual country when its second largest province (7,500,000 people) declares the unrestricted use of the English language to be illegal?

On Friday, November 30, 2007 – Galganov Dot Com is reaching out to all of Canada by placing its first ad ever in a Newspaper; Canada’s National Post.

I believe that Canada is so wrong-headed in our delusion that we are a bilingual country, that unless we stop pretending, the cost of accepting this lie will continue to damage our economy and social fabric.

It is that important to me, that this country stop pretending to be something it is not, simply to appease an ethnocentric province (Quebec) which believes in Canada, only as their cash-cow, that I am willing to once again disturb my life to fight for my right not to be who someone else wants me to be.

How can Canada possibly be a bilingual country when its second largest province (7,500,000 people) declares the unrestricted use of the English language to be illegal?

French speaking people of Canada outside of French Quebec number approximately 5% of Canada’s total population. Therefore, if the unrestricted use of the English language within Quebec is against the law, how can anyone within English Canada believe we live in a bilingual country when 95% speak English and first languages other than French?

Rene Levesque is famous for having repeatedly said: “Quebec should be as French as Ontario is English”. There was a time when I didn’t agree with that sentiment. But I do now.

English speaking politicians across Canada, but specifically in Ontario are flipping cartwheels to make the use of the French language mandatory at the public level. For what purpose?

In one-horse towns in South-Eastern Ontario where there are significant French speaking communities like Clarence-Rockland and Casselman, town councils have passed bylaws making it ILLEGAL to post English-ONLY signs,


If these linguistically racist language laws are not stopped here and now, how long do you think it will take for a Franco-activist group in your community to do the same?

Make no mistake about it; Canada’s very small French community (outside Quebec) is on the march. They want the rest of Canada to bend to their language (cultural) demands.

What does the language they want to live in have to do with us?

How long do you think it will be before communities across all of Canada, (with the exception of Quebec which already has French must laws) will be mandated to post all commercial signs in the French language?

Think I’m being an alarmist?

Who would have ever thought that after Expo 67 in Montreal, there would be a law making the English language illegal in Canada (Quebec)?

There are several ways we can deal with this issue:

The best way is to help Quebec leave Canada. The other way is to stop official bilingualism in its tracks, since Canada is not a bilingual country.

The fastest way to start the ball rolling is to take one of Ontario’s two communities that mandate French on commercial signs to court. Let the courts decide if we have freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of association in Canada outside of Quebec.

If a Leftist Liberal Court decides on behalf of the French bylaws, we then take the battle to the Court of Public Opinion and to the Political Arena.

I have asked readers of Galganov Dot Com to financially support a Court challenge. I am willing to challenge the French language (cultural) bylaws by putting-up an English ONLY commercial sign in one of their communities.

If they fine me, we go to Court. If they chose to ignore me, we demand a Writ of Mandamus and then go to Court. Either way, an unchallenged law in Ontario that takes away our right to express ourselves personally or commercially in the language of our choice is a slippery slope that will lead us to disaster.

It’s interesting that in Quebec, there are no longer English hospitals. There are French hospitals, and there are bilingual hospitals (that used to be English) where the French language must have a marked predominance. But there are no longer English hospitals. It’s against the law to “be” an English hospital in Quebec.

In Ontario, there are French ONLY health clinics paid for with public dollars (mostly from English speakers) where English people are persona non-grata!

Believe it or not – these clinics REFUSE to treat “Anglos”. There’s one in Cornwall, about 20 minutes from the Quebec border.

How do French speakers get to hold 35% of Canada’s civil service jobs, when outside of Quebec, French speakers account for just 5% of the population? Or, including Quebec, French speakers in all of Canada number at most 20% of the entire population?

Canada does not need Franco-Affirmative-Action.

How would you feel if your kid came home from school one day, and told you that he can no longer ride on the school-bus with his French friends, because French parents and the French school-board do not want their French children to be tainted by English children?

Think I’m making this up? I’m not. That’s how it really is in North Glengarry (Alexandria) Ontario, just one community over from where I live.

If you care about your country.

If you care about your right to be free to conduct your life in the language and culture of your choice.

If you care about fairness in hiring.

If you care about not spending billions of tax dollars to promote something (bilingualism) that does not exist


If someone in Canada wants to live ONLY in French. No problem – move to Quebec.

If someone wants everyone to embrace their French language and culture. No problem – move to Quebec.

I had enough of Quebec. So at great personal cost, my wife and I moved to Ontario. Now the misery of Quebec’s language and culture have once again invaded my life.


Please click on the red link just below this article (Support to see how you can help make a difference. By the way, there are people from all across Canada who are helping out.

Know this: We will have to finance every penny of our fight with private money, while the Franco-Activist-Groups will fight for their right to make you accommodate them with Anglo tax dollars they receive from every level of government.

If you think this isn’t your fight – read someone else’s Blog.

As always, I thank you for your reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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