The Let’s Screw-Over Israel Conference

Try to picture this spectacle: A young woman is tied in place while someone zeros in on her back with a whip. The whip will cut across her flesh 200 times.

Saudi Arabia’s hands are dripping with Western blood.

Saudi Arabia is the single largest financier of Islamic schools that preach, teach and prepare Moslem youths to hate everything that is sacred to Democratic Western societies governed by the Secular rule of law.

Saudi Arabia finances TERRORISTS who murder Jews amongst others. But, to the mind of Western politicians, the Saudis are friends and moderates.

A whack of Arab (Moslem) countries will be in Annapolis Maryland this week (Tuesday November 28, 2007) for the Let’s Screw-Over Israel Conference.

If you combine all of these loser-Arab nations, there wouldn’t be enough decency amongst them to remotely resemble anything that could pass for a Democracy.

Saudi Arabia, the chief of the failed Arab societies is bent-out of joint by the very “polite” requests from “some” Western nations begging the Saudis not to whip the flesh off a young woman who was GANG-RAPED.

Try to picture this spectacle: A young woman is tied in place while someone zeros in on her back with a whip. The whip will cut across her flesh 200 times.

Let me write that again. TWO HUNDRED TIMES!

Her crime to merit 200 lashes – being in the company of an unrelated male. Then she’ll rot in jail for a while if she survives the whipping.

On a per capita basis, Saudi Arabia is amongst the wealthiest countries in the history of the world. Yet, Saudis who are not members of the Royal family, or who are not part of the Royal inner circle live in poverty.

Women are not allowed to vote. Women are not allowed to drive. Not that long ago in Saudi Arabia, many young girls burnt to death in a school fire because the male firefighters could not touch the opposite sex.

It is a crime punishable by death to proselytize in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to carry a Bible in Saudi Arabia. And if you’re Jewish, it is illegal to be in Saudi Arabia.

This is the country the USA (Bush and Rice) is pinning all its hopes upon to help steer an Arab peace deal with Israel.

Another Arab country the USA (Bush and Rice) is so anxious to have at this Let’s Screw-Over Israel Conference is Syria.

Syria is a State Sponsor of TERRORISM. It is the enabler of Hezbollah and Hamas. It is the murderer of Lebanese politicians and a defiler of humanity. And is directly responsible for the murder of American military personnel in Iraq.

To Bush and Rice though, Syria’s presence at the “table” borders on being critical.

Here’s a news flash for Bush and Rice. Their Arab friends aren’t worthy to be sitting at the same table with Israel.

Some things are so obviously right that they need no debate. Some things are so obviously wrong that they too need no debate.


How can the American President and his Secretary of State ask Israel to sit at a table with such flotsam of humanity?

The Arabs are amongst the most failed people in modern history.

Where the Arabs with their unearned wealth due to oil could make unimaginable contributions to their own people, and to all the people upon this planet, they instead provide untold misery.

Israel, with a Jewish population slightly less than the number of Jews, who were murdered in the Holocaust, which has no natural resource wealth whatsoever, has given the world so many treasures in the humanities, sciences, and medicine, that it is impossible to list them all.

The day does not go by in the civilized world without someone benefiting from an Israeli gift to humanity. Even the Arabs, who want the Jews of Israel wiped out, enjoy Jewish Israeli technology and medicine in their everyday lives.

If there was justice in this world, Israel would not be negotiating anything with their failed Arab neighbors. There would be no West Bank. There would be no Gaza Strip. There would be no Palestinians.

But there isn’t justice in the world. There are only double standards that fawn over Arab women beaters (and murderers) and punish Israeli humanitarians.

While Bush is sitting at the table with his Saudi buddies convincing Israel that Israel should be more generous to their “poor” Arab neighbors, he should be thinking about what either of his two daughters would look like strung-up after taking the first of 200 lashes for being in the company of an unrelated male.

I could weep in sadness for a world without conscience. And for a tiny nation of Jews who simply want to be left alone to live in peace.

This is indeed a wicked world.

As always, I thank you for your reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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