Why Should Canada Pay For The Misery Of Quebec’s Own Making?

I care that a failed ethnocentric province like Quebec has become an enormous financial and social drain upon the rest of Canada.

This isn’t a trick question.

What happens when you combine a racist political doctrine with a racist religious belief?

You get a Quebec Commission that travels around the province trying to understand how one extreme culture can dominate another.

Even though the understood grandiose purpose of this commission is to clear the air in terms of what should be reasonable accommodation for Quebec residents who are not part of the French majority, the outcome is very much opposite from the desired result.

It seems that this commission has really come down to two adversaries: ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, versus Quebec’s burgeoning Moslem population.

This racist road show is all about how far Quebec needs to go to accommodate Moslems. Or how far Moslems need to go to accommodate the Quebecois.

Quebec’s Jews, Americans, Brits, Scots, Irish, Germans, Ukrainians, Poles, Lebanese, Greeks, Italians and other mostly Judeo-Christians from the Western world, who have made enormous contributions to the very fabric of Quebec, have done their thing amongst themselves without making any demands upon Quebec’s French majority.

In truth, it is the French Quebecois majority, which has made the most unreasonable of demands (Bill 101) upon these minorities. Talk about reasonable accommodation in reverse.

In Quebec’s drive to attract immigration that is already French speaking, it has brought in immigrants from backward nations like: Haiti, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Rwanda, and the Republic of the Congo to name most of them, but not all.

French speakers from successful countries like France aren’t immigrating to Canada, much less to Quebec. So Quebec gets what it gets.

The French speakers, who are coming to Quebec, amongst those from other failed nations who promise to speak French once they get to Distinctland, tend mostly to be Moslems.


Quebec wants all of its immigrants to be totally loyal to the French Quebecois culture. They also want these immigrants to fit in to Quebec’s French society that has been built upon Judeo/Christian beliefs, even though Quebec’s society is just about as Secular as a society can get.

Practicing Moslems have but one loyalty, and that’s to their religion.

One cannot be a practicing Moslem and not believe that Allah is the ONLY God, that Mohamed is His Prophet, that the Koran is the ONLY law to obey, and the duty of all Moslems is to convert the world to Islam.


Since the introduction of Quebec’s many racist language laws, Quebec has lost as many as half a million English (and French) speakers, and probably as many as a few million people who would have been born to the people who have left.

Because of Quebec’s draconian language laws, millions of first class immigrants who could have come to Quebec have instead chosen other destinations within Canada.

So what does Quebec get stuck with?

Quebec gets a Moslem culture that wants to dominate French Quebec, as much as French Quebec wants to dominate the Moslems.

Ironic eh?

I really don’t care what or whom Quebec gets stuck with, since I believe they deserve what they are getting. What I do care about is the backlash upon the rest of Canada.

I care that a failed ethnocentric province like Quebec has become an enormous financial and social drain upon the rest of Canada. I care that the xenophobia that has made Quebec a nation within Canada is spreading to the rest of Canada.

For Canada, the easiest, the most effective, and the most practical reasonable accommodation we can have with Quebec is to say goodbye. This way, Quebec’s problems of their own making do not have to be ours.

In the meantime, I would like to see Quebec’s misery contained from us.

As I have written in recent articles, Galganov Dot Com is receiving a reasonable amount of financial support. It’s not enough yet to go after language laws in Ontario that makes it illegal to post English-Only signs in some communities.

But it is enough to buy ads in the National Post, which will help to get out the message. With enough people reading Galganov Dot Com, our chances are much better of raising the necessary funds which we will need to challenge anti-English language laws in Ontario.

On Friday, November 30, 2007, if all goes well, Galganov Dot Com will have its first ad placed in the first section of the National Post Newspaper. The ad will read:

“If you no Longer care about what Quebec wants, and care more about what’s good for Canada, visit https://galganov-com.mon.world to see how you can make a difference”.

This ad will cost approximately $1,300. Hopefully, it will drive more people to Galganov Dot Com, increasing our ever-growing base.

We are also in the process of upgrading Galganov Dot Com to add audio/video editorials. If we’re going to do this thing, let’s do it right.

Let’s get the message across to the rest of Canada that there are honest to goodness alternatives to the way Canada has become. And let’s do whatever it takes to win Canada back, mostly to the way it used to be.

As always, I thank you for your reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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