Are You Ready To Finish What We Start?

Once this gets going, it will have to be all the way. It will be with the gloves off. It will be winner takes all.

How would you feel if you were a sick or injured Ontario resident who showed up at a public clinic in Ontario looking for help, only to be told to go somewhere else because you weren’t French?

I don’t know of one French healthcare provider in Quebec who would turn away a patient in need, simply because he or she isn’t French. But in Ontario, no problem. If that isn’t the absolute height of cultural racism, what is?

How would you feel if you opened a small business in a town in Ontario that has a large French speaking population, where you were told that you couldn’t put up a sign in English? That you had to also put up a French sign equal in size to the English sign for your message to be legal?

How would you feel if you were working for an Ontario company that retails beer, where you’re harassed because your fellow employees, and a French activist group think your ability to speak French is too limited, and the township mayor who happens to be English speaking himself, supports the linguistic racists so that he can be seen to be politically correct?

These things are so outrageous; it goes without saying that to someone who doesn’t know better, he or she would think these issues were some kind of a joke. But they’re not a joke. They’re no laughing matter.

It seems to me that every minority in Canada with the exception of one can get away with anything – especially French speaking minorities. When I write every minority but one, the one that I am referring to is the English speaking minority within Quebec.

No one gives a damn about Quebec’s English speakers who have had their rights of equality and visibility stripped from them in full public view.

According to Ontario’s Office Of Francophone Affairs, Ontario’s French-speaking community numbers less than 5% of the province’s total population. In Quebec however, non-French speakers number about 18% of the total population.

Quebec’s non-French speakers are treated like illegal immigrants, even though it was primarily English money that built much of Quebec and continues to finance Quebec, while Ontario’s French-speakers, who have contributed very little in comparison, are treated with the utmost respect.

Political correctness is the best friend to linguistic and cultural bullies like the many Ontario Francophone associations. Slowly but surely, they will make their presence within Ontario felt way beyond their numbers of less than 5%.

For people who are reading this who do not live in Ontario, don’t be too secure in the knowledge that your position is any different. With every success won for Ontario’s French speaking minority at the expense of Ontario’s English-speaking majority, jurisprudence will be set across Canada.

The “Francisization” of Canada will be coming to your community sooner than you think.

As I have written many times, I am fully in favor of equal rights for all Canadians to live in the language of their choice. Where I draw the line is when I’m forced in one-way or another to live in the language of someone else’s choice.

The last thing I wanted to do was get into a cultural war in Ontario. Anne and I left our beautiful property and lifestyle in Quebec to get away from this crap. We were tired of accommodating another people’s culture.

We moved to Ontario, where we thought language was a tool used for communication, opposed to a cultural tool which one community uses to hammer another. I guess we were wrong.

I fought the good fight in Quebec for Equal Rights. But the English speaking population, along with their English media had already capitulated beyond redemption.

Here in Ontario though, it’s different. Here, we still have a chance to end this nonsense before it becomes an accepted fact. If Ontario’s French speakers want to live their life in French, so be it. Why should that bother me? Let them post all the signs they want to ONLY in the French language. I don’t care.

But stay out of my face!

With the money I am receiving from my readers, I will post a sign in Casselman or Clarence-Rockland where English-Only signs are against the law. I will challenge them to bring me to court, and let the rest of Canada see for themselves what will be coming at them if we do nothing.

I will also visit one of the French-Only Health Clinics, and in English, I will ask to be treated by one of their doctors. Failing to do so, I will sue them and everyone else including the Ontario government for cultural racism.

This too will show the rest of Canada what lies ahead for all of us if this stupidity is not stopped here and now.


All I want to do is work on the farm, write my books, publish editorials on, play with our horses and enjoy my life.

But, if I don’t do this who will?

If I cross the line and set myself up for more linguistic and cultural aggravation, I hope not to be standing alone. I will need as much financial support to fight all of our battles as possible.

Once this gets going, it will have to be all the way. It will be with the gloves off. It will be winner takes all.

I have spoken with the National Post Newspaper to buy ads for the purpose of making people across Canada aware of the forthcoming battles. Advertising is very expensive. Even a small ad in the first section of the newspaper will cost more than a $1,000.

Who’s going to help Galganov Dot Com Inc pay for the ads and the battle that will be the result?

I won’t start this unless I know I can finish it.

I’ll take the abuse. I’ll live with the slurs and accusations of me being a racist and a bigot. I’ll accept the dirty looks from French neighbors, and the threats that will inevitably come my way. Just like in Quebec, I’ll fight the fight until there is nothing left to fight for.

But unlike Quebec, I will not fight out of my own pocket. I’m getting too old to finance a RIGHTS battle that will without question be of benefit to all Canadians from coast to coast.

I have received several thousand dollars from my readers. Some very generous people have sent checks for $500. I have received checks and PayPal support for several hundred dollars. And a PayPal check today for $10.


I’m ready for the fight – Are you?

As always, I thank you for your reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Welcome to Texas. You didn’t mention the heat in Texas. It is decidedly different than Ontario. Be prepared for 90-100 degree heat from June thru September.
    I’m a native Texas in San Antonio who lived on the east coast of USA for 11 years. We had a difficult time adjusting the the heat when we returned.
    Thanks for choosing Texas. We’re not perfect but are flexible on many issues.

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