Quebecers Are Getting Their American Wish.

I never understood how we could be so ungrateful to the Americans at worst, and cavalier at best.

Quebec’s Premier, Jean Charest, is upset at the strength of the Canadian dollar versus the weakness of the US Greenback.

Quebec has a very strong clothing and furniture industry supplying substantial markets in the USA. This was great when Quebec companies competed with American companies on the basis that Quebec’s products were 45% cheaper than its American competitors, by the simple virtue of a weak Canadian dollar.

But now that the shoe is on the other foot, Quebec based industries are cringing.

To be fair to Quebec, all of Canada’s manufacturing industry is very concerned about our strong dollar in terms of losing American business.

But Quebec is special.

The Quebecois have been insulting Americans for as many years as I’ve been alive. Virtually everything about the USA according to the Quebecois is bad. The vast majority of French Quebecers are quick to tell all pollsters how much they dislike the USA and the American people.

To most French Quebecers, including Canada’s past Prime Minister Jean Chretien, the USA sort of had 9/11 coming for the way America conducts its foreign policy.

America though, shouldn’t feel too badly about French Quebec’s feelings towards them, since the Quebecois dislike Israel just as much as they dislike the USA.

During pro-Arab (Hezbollah) street demonstrations in Montreal (summer of 2006), there was no shortage of French Quebec leaders, including French Quebecois federal politicians who marched in solidarity with the Arab Jew-killers.

I have written in support of the USA for the longest time. Most of the reasons for my support are focused along the lines of Freedom, and the fact that much of the world is free today because of American military interventions, American foreign generosity and American sacrifices.

I’ve written extensively about our Canadian reliance on American consumers, always wondering how we in Canada, but specifically in Quebec, can be so stupid as to not understand how critical American purchases of Canadian-made goods are to our entire national well-being.

I never understood how we could be so ungrateful to the Americans at worst, and at best cavalier to their contributions.

It has amazed me how Quebecers are amongst the very first to scum-out America and the American people, when everything they hold near and dear to them, including socialized healthcare is courtesy of the USA.

If it wasn’t for the USA, Canada would have no annual trade surplus ($100 billion) whatsoever.

So now that Americans are taking a second look at our goods because of our strong dollar and their weak Greenback, Quebecers like Jean Charest are beginning to panic.

My suggestion to Charest is this: Quebecers really don’t like the USA and the American people, so here is Quebec’s best opportunity ever, to wean itself from the American teat.

All Quebecers have to do is learn how to live with a little less. A little less tourism – A little less manufacturing – Maybe even a little less hydroelectric sales. And then they’ll never again need to be upset by the big bad ugly Americans.

On the brighter side though, Quebecers are crossing into the USA in record numbers to buy their Christmas gifts, and to spend their vacation money in a country where their inflated dollar buys them more.

Charest must be overjoyed at his Quebecois compatriots’ newfound buying bonanza south of the border while Quebec manufacturers, retailers and service-providers wonder if they’ll have a job in the New Year.

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Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m a white American patriot who fought in Vietnam–believing in America!–I came home in 1971 to a country I didn’t know, where “racial and sexual quotas” had replaced the “old” notions of hiring the best and most qualified person for the job with some communistic notion of “equality”! I believe that America lost the cold war, not on the battlefield–but in our own universities and government! Sacrificed on the alter of Affirmative action for the goal of Democratic domination of our politics!

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