The World’s In Big Trouble

As it is, far too many working class people in both countries (Canada and the USA) can’t afford to buy healthy groceries, eat out, drive their cars and more.

That the world’s in very big trouble is a fact.

What’s happening in the Moslem world is going to explode like an atomic bomb, sending toxic clouds of Islamo-Fascism throughout the planet.

But that’s not my greatest fear, since I truly believe we can contain and defeat Islamist militarism once we decide to do it.

My fear has much more to do with our economy.

As a Canadian, watching our dollar rise to $0.07 above the value of the US Greenback, I have to shudder. If our Canadian dollar becomes too expensive, Americans will no longer purchase Canadian made products. They won’t even visit as tourists.

Since the US is the single largest consumer of Canadian made goods, and virtually 100% of our international trade surplus (about $100 billion) comes from south of the 49th parallel, our strong Canadian dollar is no gift to us.

We keep reading about the AMERICAN sub-prime investment fiasco, I emphasized AMERICAN, because that’s where this disaster was created, but it’s not ONLY the fault of the Americans, since greedy investment houses including banks worldwide couldn’t wait to get their hands on this “investment” crap in search of making a quick buck.

Who we blame for this disaster is irrelevant. What’s more important is, what can we do about it, since there might be hundreds of billions of investment and pension dollars at risk?

The scary truth of this – is that this could easily become the largest financial debacle since the Crash of ’29. Bigger than the Dot Coms. Bigger than the silver and gold scam of the 80’s. Even bigger than the S&L’s.

Another terrifying prospect is the rising cost of energy, and how North American oil-greed can murder the golden goose.

One of the questions we should NOT be asking ourselves is this: Will the cost of oil reach $100 US per barrel? The real question should be: Will the cost of a barrel of oil stop at $150 US?

The most important question of all should be: If Canada and the USA are not members of OPEC, why in the hell are our oil barons matching OPEC prices?

It is unconscionable greed that is spurring our oil industry to charge so much for a product they do not create, that their unabated greed will put North America into a Great Depression.

As it is, far too many working class people in both countries (Canada and the USA) can’t afford to buy healthy groceries, eat out, drive their cars and more.

What about the cost of heating and air-conditioning?

What about North America’s auto industry?

What about every product that is petroleum based?

Couple all of these things together and we have a mega recipe for a worldwide financial disaster.

We have to deal with the Islamists. That’s a fact.

We have to stop making the Arabs rich, to the point where they are buying up the West. That’s also a fact.

We’ve got to stop sending trillions of dollars to China for their cheap crap that passes for quality goods in all of our retail stores.

We’ve got to worry less about Global Warming. And worry more about what we can do to keep our economy from collapsing.

What we really need is a great American leader who will stand-up and say the world is broken, and this is how we are going to fix it. Do you see that leader anywhere on the horizon?

As always, I thank you for your reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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