No Reasonable Accommodation For Quebec

I will not support a Party that accepts a Constitution that is written for all of Canada with the exception of the Province of Quebec.

Bravo to Stephen Harper on several fronts. But I still won’t support him.

1 – His massive tax cuts including the 1% drop in the GST are not only overdue and welcome; they’re a stepping-stone towards guaranteeing continuing national and regional growth.

2 – His pledge to pay down $10 billion of the national debt is a display of real responsible fiscal management.

3 – His policy not to introduce more unwanted social programs sends a signal that his government is serious about managing, opposed to social engineering.

4 – His position on criminal punishment in other Democracies is most refreshing. I’m personally against the death penalty in Canada. But, if a Canadian commits a punishable by death crime in a Democratic country governed by the Secular rule of law that has the death penalty, it is not Canada’s business to intervene in that country’s carriage of justice.

All that said; I still do not want to vote for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives as long as he continues to pretend that Canada is a bilingual country, where one province has the right to be separate from the rest of us.

Canada is not a bilingual country as long as Quebec declares that the French language is the ONLY official language of Quebec, and that the unrestricted use of English (as well as other languages) is against the law.

I will not vote for a federal Party that believes Quebec and its people constitute a nation within Canada. And thus, allows Quebec to operate as a quasi-independent nation amongst other French speaking nations belonging to the so-called Francophonie.

I will not support a Party that accepts a Constitution that is written for all of Canada with the exception of the Province of Quebec.

As so many Quebecois speak about REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION vis a vis Quebec’s newest ethnocentric whipping boy, Canada should not be participating in reasonable accommodation regarding Quebec.

Either we are all Canadians abiding by the same rules and regulations, or we are not. That’s not too complicated.

95% of all Canadian French speakers live within Quebec. More than 2/3rds of this population believe that people moving to Quebec must have a real proficiency in the French language, or they should be denied the right to vote, support political parties, be engaged in professions – etcetera.

What about the French speakers in the rest of Canada (about 5% of the national total) who demand special treatment regardless of their low numbers?

How does Harper square the circle, that in Cornwall Ontario, English-speaking people, even if they are bilingual, are LEGALLY refused emergency healthcare at FRENCH ONLY PUBLIC CLINICS, especially when these clinics are predominantly financed by English money?

What about towns like Rockland Ontario, that fine people if their commercial signs are not bilingual?

I accept the fact that Quebec is an ethnocentric province, causing me to agree with most Quebecois who believe there should be no REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION for non Quebecois Quebecers, just as I believe there should be no reasonable accommodation for the Quebecois who do not want to be Canadians like the rest of us.

That’s why I will not support Stephen Harper, even though he is on the right financial path.

Canada can and must be more than a nation guided only by the financial bottom line. Canada can be a great fiscal example, and at the same time a great nation governed by one set of laws that must be applied equally to all Canadians.

Stephen Harper has sacrificed the latter for the former. That’s unacceptable.

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Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard first off these “Black- Americans” want to be referred to as “African- Americans” for a reason . Just as “Gay- Americans” , “French- Canadians ” , “Native- Americans ” and any other hyphenated American or Canadian, needs to be special , as in different , as in due something , and not really EQUAL TO but BETTER THAN the rest of us , regular citizens . There is no cure , they have in fact what they want . Face it, if OJ was not freed , riots were the threat and likely the result .

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