The Quebec Messenger Is The Problem

Jack Jedwab, the media’s Quebec expert, was one of those more prominent Anglo sell-outs.

In today’s National Post Newspaper (October 29,2007), the front page illustrated a continuing outflow of people from Quebec. Remarkably, the number of people who have left Quebec between 2006 and 2007 are in record numbers since 1991 (more than 40,000).


According to every “expert”, all is well in Quebec. The economy is good. The government is stable, in as much as no one is calling for a referendum to separate Quebec from Canada any time soon. And there’s a Liberal Party heading the government.

Jack Jedwab, is a demographer who is often quoted by the media, such as the National Post and other serious news outlets as the go-to-guy for making-out heads and tails of Quebec’s demography, just as he was in this article.

I have written many times, such as in my last editorial, that it was not because I couldn’t hold my own against the ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists that Anne and I left Quebec, but rather, it was because of the Anglo appeasers and sell-outs.

Jack Jedwab, the media’s Quebec expert, was one of those more prominent Anglo sell-outs.

When Jedwab was the Quebec Director of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) headquartered in Montreal, and I was doing a daily live radio talk show in Montreal, he and I had more than a few harsh words for each other.

Jedwab was an appeaser extraordinaire, to the point where the Separatist Bloc Quebec leader in Ottawa, Michel Gautier, turned to the Jewish Community to have me castigated for my stand against Quebec’s ethnocentric nationalism.

It was left up to Jack Jedwab to explain, with considerable embarrassment, that the Canadian Jewish Congress does not speak on behalf of the Jewish community, and does not have the capacity to censure me for expressing my views because I am Jewish.

Why in a million years did Quebec’s Separatist Party think the Canadian Jewish Congress would ever consider censuring a Jewish individual for his opinions? It would be like a Jew going to the Catholic Church to censure Lucien Bouchard for heading an ethnocentric nationalistic political Party, expecting that they would.

The reason is simple.

Jack Jedwab gave the Separatists the impression that he was on their side.

In Jack’s CJC office, hung a very large framed copy of the Quebec Charter of Rights encased in glass directly behind his desk. The Quebec Charter of Rights was written only in the French language.

I asked him where the Canadian Charter of Rights was hung? His answer to me was that they didn’t need to have two Charters in the office since they were “just about” the same. And this is Quebec.

There was also a prominent white and blue Quebec flag displayed prominently in the CJC lobby. I don’t recall seeing the Red Maple Leaf. It might have been there. But it was the Quebec flag that was front and center.

When everyone in Canada, with the exception of most of French Quebec is remembering and honoring our fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day, November 11, Quebec is celebrating “Quebec Citizenship Week”.

What the hell is Quebec Citizenship, since there is no such thing as a Quebec citizen? There are Quebec residents who are Canadian citizens. But there are no Quebec citizens. Not yet anyway.

Imagine how I felt when I saw the official Quebec document on Quebec citizenship week with the name of Jack Jedwab as the co-chairman of Quebec Citizenship Week, with the Jewish emblem of the Canadian Jewish Congress beside his name and title?

If you were an ethnocentric Quebecois nationalist, and was able to get that kind of support from the Quebec Director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, to offer such substantial legitimacy to the lie that Quebec has citizens, wouldn’t you imagine this guy is on-side for anything, including censuring a Jew for his unkind opinion of Quebec nationalism?

Jedwab has not been the Director of the CJC for quite some time, but the damage was done. He did the damage. And now he’s the spokesman for analyzing the reasons why people are leaving Quebec.

Jack Jedwab needs to look in the mirror.

The National Post article slants the outflow of people from Quebec as if they are immigrants to Canada, looking for better opportunities elsewhere in the country. But that impression is not substantiated.

Personally, I am more inclined to believe that the continuing “exodus” from Quebec has more to do with Anglos leaving, than anyone else.

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Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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