No One Likes To Say I Told You So.

The Anglo appeasers and Quislings sold out, and got nothing in return for their acts of compliant cowardice.

No one likes to say I told you so isn’t true. Everyone loves to say I told you so. So why should I be an exception?

During the peak of QPAC’s (Quebec Political Action Committee) battles in Quebec, against ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism, I made it abundantly clear that any surrender of one’s rights, is a surrender of all rights.

I was more disliked by the English media than I was by the French media. I was more detested by English elitists and academics than I was by the average French Quebecer.

To these Anglo apologists for Quebec’s bad behavior, I was just a troublemaker who didn’t know how to get along with our French friends and neighbors. I wasn’t sufficiently generous or sensitive to their “legitimate” cultural fears and needs.

They called me, and others like me extremists, hardliners and Angryphones.

Their biggest beef was that I WASN’T A BRIDGE BUILDER.

I am on record as saying: The mindset of a people (Quebecois) who wish to be superior to all other people, is the same mindset that motivated the Nazis. What happened in Nazi Europe was nothing more than just a matter of degrees of ethnocentric nationalism brought to its ultimate conclusion.

For this statement I was pilloried in the English media. But that didn’t make me wrong.

Let’s see what has happened in Quebec vis a vis equal rights, since the Anglo “establishment” went out of their way to accommodate the racist demands of the French majority.

Small businesses have been fined with their assets seized for wanting to have equal bilingual signs on their trucks and premises. Because of this, some of those businesses have been forced to close.

Larger businesses (50 plus employees) must produce a certificate of “Francization” – meaning they pass the good culture test.

School children are denied the right to be educated in the English language. Newborn babies with names that didn’t satisfy the Quebecois culture, such as Stormy and Ivory were refused birth registration by Quebec.

The province of Quebec has shut down several prominent English language hospitals. All English language hospitals have lost their right to be English language hospitals, and are now designated as bilingual hospitals where French must have a marked predominance over the English language.

If your mother-tongue is English, but you speak, read and write perfect French, don’t bother applying to the Quebec government for a job, since government jobs in Quebec are only for “real” Quebecers. Anglos occupy less than 1% of all Quebec government jobs.

Louise Beaudoin, the former Quebec Minister responsible for “protecting” the French language tried to pass a language law (Bill 40) that would have allowed Quebec’s language police the right to enter any place of business, even a home office, to search for “illegal” English documents without the need of a warrant.

Anglo elitists streamed down highway 20 towards Quebec City to attend hearings on the proposed Bill, where they requested the right to “debate” this law.

What was there to debate? If a person is willing to debate how many rights he or she should have compared to others, that person has already accepted the legitimacy of the premise for the debate.

To the very best of my knowledge, I was the only person personally invited by Beaudoin’s Ministry to present a brief. They were so desperate to have me at this hearing, so that my presence would give it legitimacy, they called me repeatedly to attend.

Standing before an audience of more than 1,000 supporters at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, with media in attendance from across Canada, I delivered my response to Beaudoin:

“I will never negotiate any of my rights. Not one of them. Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow – NEVER! And if Bill 40 becomes law, I promise that Quebec will see a volume of civil disobedience, the likes of which, Quebec has never seen before.”

In spite of the Anglo appeasers who couldn’t wait to be heard in Quebec, Bill 40 never saw the light of day. The ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists took me at my word and backed down.


As I have written many times, I left Quebec not because I couldn’t fight ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism. I left because I simply could not fight the combination of the Anglo media, Anglo elitists and Anglo academics.

From the beginning of French Quebec’s war against its English speaking minority from the 1970’s to date, it is estimated that as many as a half million people left Quebec to get away from ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism. This is a loss that can never be recovered.

In spite of every Anglo surrender and act of appeasement to preserve the “language peace”, as Quebec politicians loved to say, things for minorities within Quebec are not getting better, but are in fact getting worse.

As I am writing this editorial, Quebecois nationalists from the government-on-down are debating the most draconian, arbitrary and egregious new policies governing the rights non French Quebecers should have, compared to the rights of French Quebecers.

The Anglo appeasers and Quislings sold out, and got nothing in return for their acts of compliant cowardice. Today, the Montreal Gazette, the biggest appeaser and coward of them all is wringing its hands in desperation, wondering what the ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists might do next.

So now I will say it: I TOLD YOU SO! Funny thing though, saying it gives me no pleasure whatsoever.

As always, I thank you for your reading Galganov Dot Com, and for your support. Please spread the word.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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    As far as the black community reaction to Michael Brown case, you can bet, other than his mother, not one person going
    to Ferguson gives a damn about this young man. They are disgusting vermin taking advantage of the situation.
    What is it about summer that brings out the primitive behavior in the black community?

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