Pakistan – Moslem Style Democracy

If you are a Moslem, your first belief must be that Allah is the only God. That Mohamed is his messenger. And the Koran is the only book of laws to be obeyed.

If the bleeding-heart Leftist Liberals need an example of how far Islamo-Fascists are prepared to go to spread their cancer, all they have to do is look at what happened to the Benazir Bhutto convoy.

No one really knows how many hundreds of people have been murdered in the attack, since the authorities have to collect thousands of body-parts. They don’t really know how many hundreds of people have been injured, because in the pandemonium, people ran everywhere.

What they do know is that the attempt on Bhutto’s life was not a lame attempt by a few radicals to shake her cage. This was a full-blown military assault.

Why did these people create such havoc to kill Bhutto?

The answer is terrifyingly simple. These Moslem murderers want to kill the things the bleeding-heart Liberals say they stand for.

These Moslem TERRORISTS want to kill free speech. They want to kill the rule of Secular law. And they do not want to have a woman in charge of anything.

Yet, it is the Liberal Left, which demands we understand the Islamists and open channels of dialogue with them. They want us to find out from them, what it is that we do, that makes them hate us so much.

The CNN Yellow Journalist, Christiane Amanpour recently broadcast her mini series (God’s Warriors) painting Jews and Christians with the same brush she used to paint Islamists.

Do you know of any Jewish or Christian groups who would do anything like this or the thousands of other ugly deeds carried out in the name of Allah and his barbaric prophet Mohamed?

A propagandist like Amanpour points to the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, and the Baruch Goldstein massacre of Moslems at prayer in Hebron Israel to show equivalence between them and Arab/Moslem murderers.

It can’t get much more disingenuous than that. Two lunatics supported by no one did an unspeakable act condemned by just about everyone, and it’s never happened again.

Where in fact, Moslem acts of genocide are carried out worldwide with the silent, and the not so silent blessings of Moslems everywhere. I remind you of the people dancing in the streets and throwing candies at the great victory over America in virtually all Moslem countries on 9/11.

Benazir Bhutto is friendly to the West and wants to bring her backward nuclear-armed country into the 21st century. She wants the Pakistani people to have the same rights as do the people in all Western Democracies

That’s what the Islamists fear the most.

Islam is not a religion like Judaism and Christianity that teaches us to be good through the values of God. Islam, through its interpretation of the Koran is a Charter of Rights and Laws that no man can ignore.

Islam is a government!

If you are a Moslem, your first belief must be that Allah is the only God. That Mohamed is his messenger. And the Koran is the only book of laws to be obeyed.

The Moslems have proven through thousands upon thousand of horrific deeds worldwide, that they will not rest until the world converts to Islam.

In the meantime, they continue to slaughter each other until one form of Islam wipes out the other, since they can’t agree upon which branch of Islam is the only true belief.

The Leftists are idiots, who just like the Jewish appeasers in Nazi Europe, who were convinced they could reason with the likes of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers; they’re convinced they can make deals with Islamists.

My only question in all of this is quite simple: When do we really start fighting back and gearing up for war, since whatever the Left does or says will not slow down Islamo-Fascists?

Since the Moslems have already declared war upon Secular Western societies, when do we return the favor and teach these bastards a lesson before they teach one to us?

Best Regards – Howard Galganov

And thank you for reading Galganov Dot Com

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  1. Howard.. To the best of my knowledge, the blacks and whites have a reasonably good relationship in Dalton. In general, we have good black leadership. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough, as very intelligent black youths as well as some adults are called oreos simply because they try to succeed and do. Peer pressure among young black males is tremendous, as success is to emulate whites. I have a friend who was called an oreo. He headed the language dept. in the HS. He was very successful.

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