Harper Is Not The Guy

Canada is inundated with political leaders who run the gauntlet from bad to worst.

Politically, nothing could be better than to be a reasonable Conservative in the USA – especially today.

The Republicans have a tremendous array of fabulous candidates who want a shot at the Presidency, most of whom would be stars in the White House. My first choice is Rudy Giuliani.

If I was an American centrist wanting to vote Democrat, I’d have a problem, since there is only one choice, and she’s not all that good. So in the big campaign for the Presidency I’d probably vote for Rudy.

Canada doesn’t have this luxury, since we are inundated with political leaders who run the gauntlet from being bad to worst.

I’ll start with the Green Party. They are far more an activist group than they are a Party, so they don’t count.

The Bloc Quebecois is an ethnocentric Quebecois Separatist Party whose sitting Members make a living pretending to have any real political interests other than making a living by being Canadian politicians. They don’t really count either.

The NDP is an appendage of Big Labor, always looking to appeal to the something for nothing bunch. They generally hate the USA, Israel and anyone who is self-made and rich. They do however love the rich socialist elitists, especially the academics.

The Liberals are an association of power-grabbers. We know that they hate America and Israel. We know that they love to pander to their socialist friends and spend our hard earned tax dollars as if it was their money they were pissing away.

We also know that the Liberals are corrupt, and will do whatever it takes to make certain that they create all the tools necessary to benefit themselves, while at the same time, they create massive hurdles to slow down and preferably stop their opposition.

If it was possible for a political Party to select a more obnoxious leader than Stephane Dion, I can’t see how. Dion is an angry self-centered man who is very easy to dislike.

He is also an individual with no life experience outside the world of academia, which is to me a tremendous reason why he should never be Prime Minister of Canada.

He’s never had to run anything. He’s never had to lie awake at night wondering and worrying about how he’s going to meet a payroll. He’s never had to take a phone call to explain to suppliers and creditors why a payment is not forthcoming. He’s never had to risk it all on a new product or service. He’s never had to deal with employees who are unreliable, or clients who are inscrutable.

The political candidate and leadership field in Canada is so weak, that you’d imagine anyone with a modicum of personality and smarts could be a star.


Stephen Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party and current minority Prime Minister should be forming a massive majority government, since everyone he has to face for the job are in my opinion political deadbeats.

But the ratings for his Party hover around 34% – Why?

Why would a Party with literally no competition whatsoever be held so low in the esteem of Canadian voters?

Simple: Canadians don’t like Stephen Harper.

Harper is a cold fish who is constantly calculating his every move and utterance. He controls his caucus as if he were their taskmaster opposed to their political leader. And he makes certain that his Ministers maintain low profiles. He doesn’t want political stars.

Harper shuns the press, treating them as if they were his greatest enemy. In doing so though, he shuns the people of Canada who depend upon the press to know what our government and government leaders are doing.

People want to support individuals they can relate to. They want to see their leaders for whom they are, warts and all. With Harper though, all they see is a rigid bureaucrat without much of a heart or soul.

Harper is also terribly Machiavellian, so much so, that he is outwardly a very unpleasant kind of a guy. People don’t much like manipulators.

The fact that the Conservative Party can not win a majority when surrounded by the least liked opposition in recent history tells me that their problem is with their leader, and that the people of Canada are perhaps sick and tired of just settling.

There is of course a great alternative to bad leadership and do nothing political Parties. We can all seek out and vote for Independent candidates.

I want to thank the people who have sent financial support for Galganov Dot Com by mail or PayPal, and to those who have offered their physical help to get the word out.

If we are going to make a difference, it will take an army of support and the money with which to do it. Hopefully we are on our way.

Best Regards – Howard Galganov

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