An Independent Voice Will Be Heard

Canada is governed by people who are more interested in winning and keeping their seats, than it is by men and women of good conscience who will do what is best for Canada.

I spoke last night (October 16, 2007) to the Language Fairness Group in Ottawa, where I more or less launched my campaign to earn the right to speak on behalf of Canadians who really want a better Canada.

As a result of my speech and subsequent question & answer session, I am more convinced today, than I ever was before, that there is a real chance for an Independent Candidate to win and make a difference.

Canada is governed by people who are more interested in winning and keeping their seats, than it is by men and women of good conscience who will do what is best for Canada.

In today’s politics, it’s all about following the Party line. It’s about what the leader wants you to do and say. It’s about how he wants you to vote. It’s all of that, and virtually nothing about what the electors want.

As I see it, the way things are done today in Parliament; we’d be better served not to elect Members of Parliament, since they are not accountable to the people who elect them.

We’d be far better off cutting out the middle men (Members of Parliament) and vote just for the Party leader, since it is only what he wants that matters in government.

The way it works in Canada is simple:

We vote for someone who pretends to represent us in Parliament, but has no voice with which to do what we elect him or her to do. And after a term in office of doing nothing, he or she comes back to us asking for another term to do the same thing.

Canada needs better than that. We all need better than that.

We need representatives who will be beholden to the people in whose hands they’ve placed their trust. Their voices must be heard in Parliament, or what’s the use of perpetuating this sham we call Democracy?

I’m convinced that an Independent Member’s voice outside of Parliament will resonate throughout Canada far more than the controlled voices of the Party Members who can say only what the leader allows.

I have great hopes that I can convince voters that an Independent voice is the only way they can be heard.

At last nights meeting, quite a few people came forward with money to support More people volunteered their time and effort than I imagined would. And most of the people said they would do whatever they could to promote this web site.

Whether an election is called or not due to last night’s throne speech is irrelevant to me, since I have already started to campaign.

I am asking people to support, which will finance speeches, printed handouts, posters and all costs that are associated with getting the message out.

It is indeed better for us if an election is not called right away, since this will give us the opportunity to campaign hard without any campaign restrictions, since is not a political party, and I am not a registered politician.

Please click on the Vote For Galganov icon on the Home Page to read what I stand for and how you can send your financial help to

Together we can make a difference. Alone I can do nothing. So let’s do it together.

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  1. A Rabbi? That doesn’t count on the oppressed chart of victimology.
    Now if we was a closeted homosexual or a drag Queen at night,
    then he’d probably have been mentioned.

    Aren’t Jews being vilified as the oppressive colonizer and 1%
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