Here’s Your Chance To Make A Difference

If I become a Member of Parliament, Canada will finance your voice through me.

If you’re just interested in complaining about how our government manages or mismanages our country, Galganov Dot Com is really nothing more for you than entertainment.

BUT – If you’re interested in really trying to make a difference, I will be speaking tomorrow evening at 7:30 o’clock at the Ottawa Citizen Building just off Greenbank Street off the 417 in Napean.

I will be announcing my decision to run for federal office as an Independent Conservative Candidate in the riding of Stormont Dundas South Glengarry when the next election is called.

I will run in this riding as the People’s National Candidate with the full intention of representing reasonable Conservative views right across Canada.

Today’s Conservative Members of Parliament under Stephen Harper are not allowed to speak their minds, much less vote their conscience.

Even though Harper campaigned for change – do you see change?

I see high taxes and big spending. I see no less government bureaucracy. I still see a Nanny State that wants to get into our private lives. And I still see the same old politics of buying Quebec votes at the expense of the Rest Of Canada.


I want political and financial support from people all across Canada. We need to have the prestige, research, office and travel budgets a sitting Member of Parliament enjoys in order to get the word out.

If I become a Member of Parliament, Canada will finance your voice through me.

It’s not about what I can do within The House of Commons, since no one can do anything but the Prime Minister. And he has everyone’s hands tied and their mouths gagged.


If you can make it for 7:00 o’clock at the Place Ottawa Citizen Building, Conference Room 1101, on Baxter Road, on Tuesday, October 16, 2007, this could be the beginning of a new voice for Canadians.

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