The Anglo Media Destroyed Quebec’s Anglo Community And Now They’re Sorry.

The worst of the perpetrators were the Montreal Gazette, CFCF Television, CBC Televsion, CJAD Radio and CBC Radio.

In yesterday’s Montreal Gazette and National Post Newspapers (September 19, 2007), the focus was on the diminishing “Anglo” community in Quebec. But more specifically, in Montreal.

And in true Montreal Gazette fashion, they missed the point entirely.

Montreal’s English speaking community isn’t invisible because that’s the way it sort of happened. It’s the way it happened because Anglo icons like the Montreal Gazette encouraged it to happen.

In fact, they were willing Anglo executioners.

The absolute political demise of Montreal’s English speaking community is the direct result of Anglo cowards, appeasers, sell-outs and Quislings.

No group could be more responsible for the beating Quebec’s Anglos have taken over the years, than Montreal’s horrific English language media which always wanted to be seen as the “nice” accommodators.

The worst of the perpetrators were the Montreal Gazette, CFCF Television, CBC Televsion, CJAD Radio and CBC Radio. These four are the outstanding sell-outs of the Anglo community.

Between the aforementioned, they had the power to support all the Anglo rights leaders who were of good character and conscience, who stood for language and cultural equality for all.

Not one of these leaders, including myself ever asked for anything more than to be treated equally by the State.

Montreal’s English speaking elitists always reminded me of Nazi Europe’s Kappos, the Jews who acted at the behest and pleasure of the Nazis.

Even today, as I write this, there are Montreal Anglos like Jonathan Goldbloom and his sell-out father Victor Goldbloom, who are on record saying that we should celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bill 101.

Bill 101 is Quebec’s language and cultural law that forbids the unrestricted and equally applied use and visibility of the English language, designed specifically to smother English in the province of Quebec. While at the same time, erasing the history of Anglo achievements.

This is what Goldbloom and son want to celebrate. It’s like Jews in Nazi Europe wanting to celebrate the Nuremberg Laws that disenfranchised them in all of Germany. And later, in all of occupied Europe.

What kind of people want to celebrate a law that is responsible for wiping out their own language, culture and history?

I should also mention that Michael Goldbloom, the son of Victor, and brother of Jonathan, was the publisher of the Montreal Gazette, under whose leadership and management, did summersaults to appease ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism, while at the same time, it did whatever it could to marginalize Anglos who sacrificed their time, effort, family-life and money for equal rights.

These members of the Anglo media called people like me extremists and “Angryphones”. We were lumped together by the English media with French speaking cultural racists, just for them to show equivalence where there was none.

We were portrayed by the English media as being the opposite side of the same coin to Quebecois racists who wanted the English culture crushed, Anglos driven out of Quebec, English language schools, universities and hospitals either shut down, or made to be exclusively French.

We were compared to a convicted Quebecois TERRORIST murderer, Raymond Villeneuve, and to a past president of the very racist Societe St Jean Baptist, Gilles Rheaume, whose claim to fame, was that he walked all the way from Montreal to Quebec City (180 miles), for the sole purpose of pissing on the grave of British General Wolfe, who defeated French General Montcalm on Quebec’s Plains of Abraham in 1759, more than 200 years ago.

You’d think they would have gotten over it by now. But I digress.

The English leaders fighting for equal rights were to every man and every woman noble, moral, ethical, reasoned and well stated individuals. Not a racist or supporter of any form of violence in the whole bunch.

Yet, according to the Montreal Gazette and other English media, those of us who were outspoken in our demands to be treated equally were extremists. And those Anglo kiss-asses who couldn’t find enough reason to appease the racist majority, were indeed the leaders we should be respecting.

The Anglo media even went so far as to highlight NOBODIES like Dermond Travis, an Anglo huckster, who “claimed” to speak for the English community, as a serious player who should be listened to. Travis was anything but.

With the exception of AM 600 (CIQC Radio) and the Suburban weekly newspaper, did any of the English media ever stand up for the English community?

Did they ever sponsor rallies to raise money for equal rights court battles?

Did they ever say that ethnocentric nationalism is absolutely wrong, and that everyone must have the right to be visibly and culturally equal?


However, they did take every opportunity to demean us, and make us look as if we were the problem, opposed to individuals fighting for the solution?

And now that the Anglo community which built Montreal from the ground-up has literally no importance or influence whatsoever to the politics of Quebec, and even to the rest of Canada, the Bastards who are most responsible for this mess are wringing their hands in media despair.

They are guiltier for the demise of the English community, than all the ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists COMBINED! But they refuse to look in the mirror.


I know how to make it so that English-speaking Canadians living in Quebec can win back the rights and visibility the Anglo media and elitists surrendered without a fight.


Shut down every English language institution and business. Shut down all of the Anglo schools, from nurseries to universities.

Shut down all the Anglo hospitals.

Let every English speaker shop for whatever he or she needs outside of Quebec, preferably in Plattsburgh NY.

Tell all of the tourists not to come to Quebec, because Quebec is a racist society that does not allow the unrestricted use of the English language, and is intentionally starving the growth of the English speaking community.

Let the ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists see and feel what life would really be like without Les Maudit Anglais (the damned English).

But that would take guts. That would take positive media participation. That would take sacrifice. That would take all the things the majority of Montreal’s Anglo community has never had.

I left Quebec, not because I couldn’t fight ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism, and not because I wasn’t willing to fight cultural racism all the way to the end.

I left Quebec, because the enemy I couldn’t fight was us.

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  1. Last night I watched the left leaning National and I was amazed that they gave both sides of the story. Keith Boeg was the investigating reporter in Ferguson and did an excellent job.

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