More About OJ And His Judicial-Media Lynching.

Some of my readers said that I was defending OJ in my last editorial. They’re entitled to their opinion. But they’re wrong.

Here’s my prediction.

OJ is going to get-off and walk away from the charges he’s facing, because after all the dust settles, it will be the judicial system and the media which will be found guilty of violating due process and fair play.

The man who made the incriminating tape that everyone thought would make the State’s case against OJ a slam-dunk, turns out to be a thug of the highest order. His rap-sheet is longer than a roll of toilet paper.

And the very best the Prosecutor could hope for, is that he keeps his mouth shut, which he will not do since verbal diarrhea is as much a part of his life as is his criminal personality. Slime oozes out of his mouth with every utterance he makes.

If anything at all, he will be a star witness in OJ’s favor.

It also doesn’t help the Prosecutor that the State allowed freelance (for lack of a better word) attorneys access to OJ, who then went on camera claiming to be OJ’s legal representatives, who then violated attorney client confidentiality.

Whatever they claimed to the press that OJ told them, cannot (I’m certain) be admissible in any court of law.

And according to everything I’ve read and seen, OJ was not in possession of any weapon(s) whatsoever. So how could he be held responsible for the actions of others? Unless of course he told others to bring guns. Or that he was aware that others did bring guns. But so far, I haven’t heard anything that suggests OJ had any prior knowledge that there would be weapons at the incident.

More to the point:

Was anyone roughed-up?

Was anyone threatened such as: Give me my stuff or I’ll blow your brains out? Or make one wrong move and I’ll kick the crap out of you?

With a great deal of imagination, the Prosecutor was able to lay 11 charges at OJ’s feet.


Why stop with just eleven? Why not charge him with the Lindberg kidnapping? Or being the Zodiac killer? Or for harboring Osama Bin Laden?

It should be obvious to any thinking individual, that OJ is not being piled-up-on because he aggressively seized his own goods from people who are as much low-lives as he is, but because they want him to pay for the crime he was found NOT GUILTY of committing 13 years ago.

Some of my readers said that I was defending OJ in my last editorial. They’re entitled to their opinion. But they’re wrong.

What I am defending is far more important than OJ’s future. I am defending the rule of law and due process. Both of which have been perverted in this very sorry case involving OJ.

What is also most interesting is the back peddling we are already beginning to see and hear from the courts and from the media. OJ’s REAL attorney will be charging the “freelance” attorneys before the bar association and possibly in civil, or even criminal court.

They can be charged with improper behavior, unprofessional conduct, and judicial tampering. Maybe even fraud. And who says that the charges against these “freelance” lawyers can’t necessarily spillover onto the State for giving these legal bad actors access to OJ?

And then there’s that now infamous audiotape. How in the world could that tape ever be introduced into evidence? I’ve seen enough CSI shows to understand the absolute conditions surrounding the chain of custody for evidence.

Who is to say that the original tape wasn’t somehow altered? That something might have been added? That something might have been deleted? Or how the sequence of conversation could have been changed?

And before you roll your eyes back and say yeah-yeah: I will tell you that I have a professional recording program on my computer that will easily do all of that and you’d never know. And you don’t have to be a computer genius to make it happen.

Don’t be surprised if OJ is never brought to trial for this because of the quality, or more specifically, the lack thereof, of the people he is accused of robbing. And the fact that no one denies that he was taking back what actually belonged to him.

If OJ walks, one way or the other, which I am quite certain he will, it will not be because he’s innocent, but rather, because this Prosecution screwed-up, just like the Prosecution (Marsha Clark) screwed-up 13 years ago.

In the final analysis, we cannot allow our antipathy for OJ to mess with the sanctity of our Secular Rule of Law, no matter how good it might make us feel to stick it to the Juice.

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  1. The real perp in this scenario is mama Brown. She did not apparently teach her child that is was wrong to steal and rob and push people around while taking what you want. Don’t blame the cops, don’t blame the whites but blame mama Brown for not being responsible enough to teach her son right from wrong. If she had he would still be around and the press would have nothing to report.

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