My Fallout From 9/11

What galls me almost as much as what these Moslem savages did, are the people within America and around the world who blame America for what happened.

At 8:48 this morning, 9/11, Anne, her American assistant, and I stood in silence before our flag poles in memory of those who died 6 years ago to the day.

We lowered our two flags to half mast, American and Canadian, and lit a candle in honor of those who perished, who lost loved ones and friends, who are sick because of the fallen debris, or who will be physically and emotionally scarred for the rest of their natural lives because of what Moslem Arabs did to the free world in the name of Islam.

I watched the planes hitting the Towers on FOX News this morning, as if I was seeing it happen for the first time. I could not hold back the tears. Nor could I dam the anger.

To me – 9/11 will always be like yesterday.

The Moslem Arabs didn’t just attack New York City and the Pentagon on 9/11. They attacked our right to be free. They attacked the right of people to be governed by the Secular rule of law. They attacked the right of women amongst all others to be equal in every way. They attacked the innocence and the generosity of the Western world.

What galls me almost as much as what these Moslem savages did, are the people within America and around the world who blame America for what happened.

I cannot sufficiently describe the disgust I feel for the likes of Rosie O’Donnell and others within her special world who believe that there was some kind of American conspiracy to destroy the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and wherever else the downed Pennsylvania plane was supposed to attack.

I am as disgusted with the networks that put people such as these on the air, as I am with the people who utter such garbage.

That said: the idiots who spew such disrespect and nonsense must be allowed to do so, because that’s what the Moslem TERRORISTS hate the most about America and the Free World.

They hate the fact that ours are societies based upon free Secular will, where we are allowed to say what we believe and question the dogma. More than anyone else, the Moslems hate free thinkers and loudmouths who show no respect for anyone or anything.

In the Theocratic world of Islam, these Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell types would be the first to go.

But enough about them.

After viewing the replay of 9/11, and after drying my eyes, I came to this conclusion: I don’t want Moslems in my country. I don’t want them as friends. And I don’t want them as neighbors.

Maybe most people forgot how the Moslem world celebrated at the news of 9/11. Maybe most people don’t want to remember the Moslems worldwide, throwing candies and dancing in the streets at the news that Jihadists murdered about 3,000 people in America.


I remember seeing these bastards dancing in the streets of the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, Indonesia and everywhere else the cameras captured the moment, until the networks all of a sudden pulled this obscenity off their air.

I don’t want to see Moslem women in their Hijabs and Burkahs. I don’t want to hear about prayer rooms for Moslems in North American schools and businesses. I don’t want them in my country.

I don’t want anyone to be in this country who can justify any part of 9/11, and any of all the other acts of TERRORISM carried out in the name of their sick religion. And I sure don’t want people in my country who have a sick hate-on for Jews.

If I was a Moslem in North America, I would hold my head in shame for what my coreligionists have done and continue to do. Instead, North America’s Moslems want us to make special cultural and legal accommodations for them. They want us to understand their needs.

Better they should understand ours.

After 9/11, everything changed for me. I have no use for Leftists who see evil in individual freedoms and in the USA. And I don’t see any redemption or value whatsoever for those who pray to a religion that best belongs in the trash heap of history.

And if I was the man with his finger on the button, I would not be sacrificing American boys and girls to bring Democracy to Moslem savages.

I bet they’d understand that.

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  1. Life is tough for so many. We each need to take the road that suites us. Make the decision and move on. Life financial decisions are personal God puts lots of obstacles in our path to test our resolve. I volunteer in a Hospital three days a week and I see him present every day. Go out and help his people, you will be blessed for it. You are not alone.

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