The Perception Of Change In The Middle East Is Israel’s Worst Enemy

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

HRW (Human Rights Watch) has just issued a report holding Israel responsible for the deaths of Lebanese civilians during the 2006 summer war, which Hezbollah of Lebanon launched upon Israel’s civilian population.

Why am I not surprised?

Had Hezbollah overrun Israel during that war, and had raped, pillaged and murdered every Israeli Jew they could get their hands on, HRW would have found reason to condemn Israel for not succumbing fast enough.

That’s the sad reality Israel faces from any organization affiliated with the United Nations and most world governments. Except for a few honorable countries led by honorable people, no one wants Israel to survive.

The world has created a divide between Palestinian Hamas supporters who control Gaza, and Palestinian Fatah supporters who control the West Bank, as if there is a difference between the two vis a vis their mutual hatred for all things Israel and Jewish.

The reality of difference between the two Palestinian groups is that one is supposedly Secular, while the other is fundamentalist Islamic. One pretends to be a fledgling Democracy, while the other is a fledgling Islamic Theocracy. But in reality, there really is no difference from today to yesterday.

The sad truth is that they are both Islamic Thugocracies that will never go anywhere but down. And in their downward spiral, they want to take Israel with them.

This truth and reality seems to be too profound for the likes of Human Rights Watch to fathom. Or more likely, HRW has as much disdain for Jewish Israelis, as do the two camps of Palestinians.

Isn’t it interesting how HRW jumps all over Israel for Lebanese deaths, caused exclusively because of Lebanese (Hezbollah) attacks against Israelis, and the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers taken from Israeli soil, while at the same time, not a word is whispered about the wanton destruction of a Lebanese Palestinian “refugee” city by the Lebanese military?

As a matter of fact, just about the whole world applauded the Lebanese government and its military for killing Palestinian Islamists. But unlike Israel, which risks the lives of its troops to target only armed thugs while doing whatever they can to avoid civilian casualties, the Lebanese didn’t have the stomach for that kind of warfare, and simply flattened everything that moved.

Where is the HRW outcry against the brutality of the Lebanese government and its military for this genocide?

Did the Lebanese military make every effort to target just armed fighters? No.

Did the Lebanese military carefully fire their cannon and rockets to hit fighter targets only, while at the same time, doing their best to ensure that there were no civilians in their line of fire? No.

The Lebanese military did to the Palestinians in this Lebanese “refugee” city, what the Syrian dictator Hafez Al-Assad ordered his Syrian troops to do to the Moslem Brotherhood in the Syrian city of Hama in February of 1982.

And like the Hama massacre, this Lebanese massacre happened with no international condemnation.

It’s also interesting how the international community spun Ariel Sharon into being a monster war criminal for what happened in the Lebanese Palestinian “refugee” camps of Sabra and Chatila in December of 1982, where Lebanese Christians entered the camps to murder Palestinians.

Not one Israel went into the camps. NOT ONE! But, it was Israel and Ariel Sharon who were mutually branded war criminals for the actions of others.

Assad personally ordered the massacre of his Syrian citizens, perhaps as many as 20,000-30,000 people were murdered in 1982, for which he and Syria hardly received as much as a slap on the wrist from the international community. I don’t recall him being branded a war criminal.

I am writing this, because nothing has changed in the Middle East amongst the Arabs and their supporters, especially amongst the so-called Palestinians; nothing but the perception that something has indeed changed.

And because there is a perception of change, Israel is in an extremely precarious position. There are three huge issues confronting the safety of Israel and all Israelis.

1 – The spin is that there are now two Palestinian regions. Gaza, which is a hotbed of Islamist fundamentalism, which is no longer considered (for the time being) to be a player in any peace negotiations with Israel, and the West Bank, which is considered to be moderate and ripe for a deal.

2 – Based on the perception that the Moderate West Bank Palestinians are ready to negotiate a Two State Solution with Israel, the international community led by the USA is hell-bent for a deal before Bush hands over the Presidency in 2008.

3 – In a time when Israel needs a Herculean leader, the likes of Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir or Ariel Sharon to guide Israel through this most dangerous era in modern Israel’s short history, Israel has Ehud Olmert, the weakest, most indecisive, and most cowardly Prime Minister imaginable.

Israel is in big trouble, perhaps in bigger trouble than it has ever been, because all the players are lining up to force Israel to make concessions in the pretext that there is significant change amongst those people who want to see Israel disappear, where in fact, it is only smoke and mirrors.

In truth, nothing has changed.

The anti-Semitic and Israel-hating world has been waiting for this minute, when Israel has a lack of brave leadership, and is willing to take a risk that will be the first step to Israel’s destruction in an act of appeasement, for believing in the impossible dream of having peace with its neighbors.

If nothing else, this Human Rights Watch report that condemns Israel for defending itself during its 2006 summer Lebanese war should be a clarion call that nothing has changed.

As it has been said: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Israel beware.

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  1. I loved your quote from the Rabbi, it so sad the whole whole but in particularly our two countries do not treasure their children nor rights and freedom and this world wide disdain for the jews is frightening. It is like Hilter is alive and well and the nazis never went away.You and your wife are firm in your beliefs I truly admire you both.

    Jan McCullough, Birmingham, AL

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