Whoopi Goldberg Defends Michael Vic

What Michael Vic did was HORRIBLE. But what the Black community is doing in his defense is even worse.

According to the Associated Press; on her first appearance on “The View”, Whoopi Goldberg said about Michael Vic’s participation in dog-fighting:

“From where he comes from” in the South, dog-fighting isn’t that unusual.”

“It’s like cockfighting in Puerto Rico,” she said. “There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of the country.”

What’s wrong with America’s Black community? Are they all cultural idiots who can’t see beyond apologizing for unconscionable behavior within their own selves?

Burning Crosses on the lawns of Black families and Black churches were at one time also indicative to certain parts of the country. Did that make them right?

What would Whoopi Goldberg have to say if that “quaint” little tradition should start up all over again? Would she be able to find some kind of cultural approbation for a little “Cross Burning” here and there?

What Michael Vic did was HORRIBLE. But what the Black community is doing in his defense is even worse.

To find an excuse for Vic’s abysmal behavior goes beyond understanding. To try to somehow make this travesty into a Black/White issue goes even beyond that.

Are we supposed to believe that White folks hate the very thought of dog-fighting, while having dogs savage each other for human pleasure and profit is alright with Blacks? Because that’s the message I’m getting from the NAACP, the likes of Jamie Foxx and now Whoopi Goldberg.

Maybe they’re right.

Maybe this is a Black/White thing. Maybe there are two very distinct cultures in America where one is handed opportunity after opportunity on a silver platter, only to blow each and every one of them, while demanding even more in the process.

Maybe there’s a culture in America that believes there are separate rules for them. That no matter how they screw-up, it’s never their fault. It’s always the fault of the “other” culture.

Maybe this culture sees themselves as perpetual victims, while they lead the nation in unwanted births, teen births, abandoned mothers and children, high school dropouts, unemployment, gang members, gangsta’ rap, drug users, prostitution, homicides and the highest percentage of prison inmates.

People like Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Foxx, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP better be real careful in what they say and claim about what is acceptable in one culture and unacceptable in another.

If people start to believe them, that the Black community is indeed that different from the White community, and everything comes down to Black/White issues, even brutality caused to animals, the Black community better look out, because once the general White population begins to believe there is such a divide, it will usher in a whole new set of race relations.

I will not pussyfoot around this issue:

The American Black community (with the exception of some) is a national embarrassment. It is a failed community in every way you can imagine. And if I was a prominent member of the Black community, I would be aghast at the behavior of “my” community.

Instead of the likes of Whoopi Goldberg shooting off her stupid mouth, I would look to the likes of Bill Cosby, who is as publicly outraged at horrific Black behavior as anyone could be.

But, instead of listening to what Cosby has to say, he is pilloried in the Black community by many, as being either a sellout or an “Uncle Tom”.

Michael Vic brutalized dogs. That should have been the whole story.

The ONLY story! But that was just the beginning.

I have no idea where this will take America. But I assume for the Black community, it will be no place they will want to go.

It isn’t racism that makes me cross the street in America, where there are a few Black guys hanging around. It’s just common sense.

Years ago in Toronto, a well-dressed, well-spoken Black guy came up to me at a gas bar in the evening, asking for a little help.

He told me that his car needed a boost, and he had the cables. It was parked about 50 feet from the gas pumps in a darkened area. Would I help him? I told him that I would call 911, but that was it. Had he been White, and dressed the same way, I would have helped him. But, because he was Black, and we were in Toronto where Blacks cause much, if not most of the violent crimes, I said no.

He looked at me with disgust. And he was right to do so, since I turned my back on him solely because of his skin color, and where we were situated. To say that I was ashamed of myself is an understatement. But under the same circumstances, if I had it all over to do again, I would do the same thing.

So whose fault is it? Why should I be frightened to help out another human being based upon his skin color? Is it his fault by cultural association? Or is it my fault due to racism?

Here’s the simple and true answer. It’s his fault by cultural association.

If the circumstances were exactly the same with just one difference, I would have been only too happy to help him out. Had it been in daylight, or in a well-lit part of the gas bar, his color would have never entered my mind and I would have boosted his battery with his cables or mine.

You see – I believe Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Foxx, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP, that theirs is a different culture.

I believe that gangsta’ rappers do reflect the mindset of much of Black America. I believe that literally all of America’s Black inmates are behind bars because they deserve to be. I see Black victims and Black perpetrators just about every time there is a murder in Toronto.

I believe them. And that’s their problem.

The Black community better hope and pray that more and more mainstream Whites throughout America (and Canada too) don’t get their message, that being cultural degenerates is a Black thing, while being culturally responsible is a White thing.

Because that’s the message leaders within the Black community are conveying. And it is not a message they should be proud of.

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  1. Howard and Anne.
    Tao Te Ching Wrote.
    “Embodying the Light”
    What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?
    What is a bad man but a good man’s job?
    If you don’t understand this, you will get lost, however intelligent you are.
    It is the great secret.

    Don Greig
    Las Vegas Nevada

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