Bad Newz Kennels Equals Bad News Black Community Leaders

If the American Black Community wants to know why they are generally thought of as poorly as they are, all they have to do is look in the mirror.

The American Black Community just doesn’t get it!

Michael Vic called his pit-bull slaughter-house “Bad Newz Kennels”. I wonder why?

If the American Black Community wants to know why they are generally thought of as poorly as they are, all they have to do is look in the mirror.

Mega movie-star Jamie Foxx came out defending Michael Vic the dog-killer, by saying dog-fighting is a cultural thing. And that I’ve grown-up seeing it?

He never said this is an abysmal cultural thing. Or that Michael Vic was wrong to be doing it.

He just implied that white folk don’t understand it, as if there is something special to understand about people who participate in such a vile endeavor.

I saw a Black radio personality the other night on the Hannity and Colmes show (FOX News), doing his screaming best to make the punishment and condemnation of Michael Vic somehow a Black/White thing.

And if it is a Black/White thing, it’s only because Black leaders, including members and chapters of the NAACP amongst other prominent Blacks have made it so.

Was it a Black/White thing when Denzil Washington, who won an Academy Award for his movie “Training Day”, said Nigger enough times in that movie to make a member of the KKK proud?

Now isn’t that something for the Black Community to be proud of?

Even though Imus’ “sin” was nothing in comparison to what Michael Vic did, considering that all Imus did was parody Black Rappers, the Black Community drove him off his radio show, intimidated anyone who would sponsor him, killed-off the millions of dollars he contributed to cancer suffering children of all colors, races and religions, and demanded that he be banned from the airwaves forever.

And so far, their intimidation of the media, sponsors and the public “lynching” of Don Imus has been successful.

What about the 3 White college students from Duke University who were ripped apart emotionally, academically, and in every which way you can imagine by Black leaders who wanted them tarred and feathered for supposedly raping a Black woman at their frat party?

None of the holier-than-though Black leaders bothered to take into consideration that this Black “victim” was a whore out to score some cash with her body.

They didn’t even want to hear the other side of the story (from the white students), even though the evidence against them was so full of holes it resembled Swiss cheese.

And when the Black whore’s story fell apart, and all the charges against the INNOCENT White students were dismissed, where were the voices of apology from the Black Community?

We’re now following a story about a popular White Republican Senator from Idaho, who is being driven from office because of a lewd homosexual act which he pleaded guilty to, which happened at an airport bathroom a few months ago.

This guy is mercilessly getting the gears from everyone on both sides of the political divide, including the media. Talk about being piled-on.

He’s White. So nothing is said about his color.

But, what would the NAACP and their friends be saying if he was a prominent Black Senator like Barak Obama, and was being hammered in the same manner as the White Senator for the same rerason?

They’d be calling it racism. They’d call it a “LYNCHING”. They’d call it anything and everything other than what it really is.

Michael Vic is a felon. He is a vicious bad actor who tortured and murdered dogs for his pleasure and profit. And more than everything else, he is, or at the very least, he should be an enormous embarrassment and disappointment to his own Black Community.

But, other then for a few members of the Black Community who have come out and condemned Vic without making excuses for him, the Black Community in general is either silent or supportive of him.

What I’ve heard is how the White Community is thrilled that they can bring down yet another Black hero.

Give me a break. What kind of hero does to dogs what Vic admitted to doing?

Not only did Vic blow it for himself and for his community. But so did the Blacks who support him, and who are trying to make the horrible things Vic has done into a racial issue.

That’s why they’re such a failed community.

Shame on all of them! And shame on us who don’t say anything, when in-truth, there is much to be said.

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  1. The saddest part of your story is the dismal future we all face when the young like your “trustee” will happily consign their children and childrens children to become slaves of the state to be “comfortable” and not rock the boat. What pathetic people we have become !

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