Michael Vic Will Be Seen As A Victim Instead Of Being A Monster

Vic says that what he did was a demonstration of immaturity. How about a demonstration inhumanity? Of viciousness beyond description? How about depravity that goes off the scale?

Michael Vic put forward a guilty plea to financing dogfights. He didn’t admit to killing dogs. Nor did he admit to actually staging fights even though the proof seems to be overwhelming that he actually did all of that and perhaps more.

He said that he deeply regrets what he did. That he is remorseful for letting down the NFL, his team (the Atlanta Falcons) and his fans.

Vic said that his actions were immature. That he would take the time that he will not be playing football to reflect. And that he has found Christ.

Let me tell you what I think:

That Vic has found Christ means absolutely nothing to me, and brings him no vindication whatsoever for what he did. It seems how all the high-profile losers who get caught doing what they shouldn’t be doing, somehow find Christ.

Even Paris Hilton, who stars in porn films, drinks herself into oblivion, and snorts cocaine like a vacuum cleaner has recently announced that she too has found Christ.

How convenient.

Vic says that what he did was a demonstration of immaturity. How about a demonstration inhumanity? Of viciousness beyond description? How about depravity that goes off the scale?

Immaturity? Bullshit!

Being immature does not make a person into a coldhearted beast who derives pleasure and profit by making two animals savage each other before a cheering audience.

VIC’S ONLY SORROW IS THAT HE GOT CAUGHT! Because if he didn’t get caught, this prick would still be doing it.

Here’s the real spin:

For financing and participating in the murder and torture of thousands of dogs, the NFL has already alluded that Vic will be back after he’s served his sentence as long as he is contrite.

Hey, he’s cut off his dreadlocks. He wore a suit to court and his press conference. He admitted to being immature. And he’s found Christ. How much more contrite can one be?

So much for the ethics and morality of the NFL.

The Black Community once again failed to grasp an opportunity to do the right thing.

Instead of condemning Vic with every fiber of morality they could muster, they at first claimed he was being railroaded and lynched before he was even proven guilty.

Lynched! Don’t you just love it when Black leaders use the word lynched every time a member of the black community is publicly pilloried for bad conduct?

And now that he has confessed to just “some” of his “sins”, where’s the condemnation from the Black Community for the horrible things he did confess to?

Michael Vic is scum. The NFL is scum for not suspending Vic for life. And the Black Community leaders are scum for failing to draw a moral line in the sand.

Hopefully, there is one winner – the dogs.

This disgraceful, disgusting and criminal activity (dog-fighting) has been exposed like never before. If governments, prosecutors and police do what has to be done to bring it to an end, there will be something positive from this.

Michael Vic can actually be a role model in a perverse sense if he is sentenced to the longest prison term possible. If he is stripped of any chance to play pro-football again. And if he is treated like a pariah.

That’s the only way Michael Vic can give back something for what he has done.

But, if just slapping the monster Vic on the wrist with a short prison term, while making him appear to be a sympathetic victim of immaturity, and giving him back his hundred plus million dollar football career is what happens, as I’m certain it will, all of this will be for naught.

Gandhi wrote:

“You can judge the progress of a nation by the way it treats its animals”.

Let’s see how we can judge the judiciary of the United States of America, and how the people of America judge Michael Vic.

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  1. Congratulations to the individual who received the $300,000 judgement against you, but even more so for you, as he will not get to see a cent! :o)

    May everything come together for you and Anne. All the best!

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